Vintage Swimwear Color Fashion – 1960s.

Rich color swimwear fashion film from the early 1960’s.

Vintage fashion Swimwear Show - 1960s
Vintage fashion Swimwear Show – 1960s

And here we are thanks to the birdy at the poolside to look at the lovely swimwear. Did you know that most swimsuits come from California? Our designers are doing wonders with new fabrics and designs. The beachwear accessories are just as colorful and interesting.

Like this fun hat the girls are admiring!


Note the superb fitting of this beautiful swimsuit below.The built up shoulder straps. The beautifully rounded neckline and magnificent low back. How much? Just $14.98 at Wards.


To be pink, pretty and feminine, try this daisy patterned swimsuit from Jacquard Continental – a special delight at $12.98.


Beach and poolside cover-ups were never more gay or more varied than this summer. Here is a homespun balboa blue cotton poncho with cotton tassels. Just what you’ve always wanted.


So is this fringe red polka dot beach shift – reminiscent of the flapper days of the 1920s. Look at that fringe – this shows how some styles keep coming back in one style or another.


These California swimsuits are noted the world over for perfection of fit and fabric for all figure types. Take a look at this outfit – topped with a straw hat and sheer blue scarf trim – its perfect black classic Mylar is ideal for both the swimmer and sunbather. A white strict belt allows for freedom in or out of the water. the dramatic feature of this suit is the low back treatment.

6-vintage-swimwear-classic-black myler

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