Dress Change Animation – 1920s Fashion Timeline.

1920’s animated dress changes.
Paper Dolls come to life.
1920s Fashion Wardrobe Animation - Chanel

Haute Couture costumes from Chanel, Vionnet , Schiaparelli etc
– Paper Doll Art Illustrations and text by Tom Tierney.
Paper Doll Animation by Glamourdaze

Paper dolls were hugely popular amongst young women in the 1940. The latest American and French fashions, or your favorite Hollywood actresses glamorous wardrobe – in cut-out form with a model to dress. We made an animation of Tom Tierney’s iconic Great fashion Designs of the Twenties
Tom Tierney’s famous Paper Dolls first popped into shops back in the late 1970s and brought back the highly popular paper doll fad from the 1940s to a new generation of vintage fashion enthusiasts. He is still hard at work in his shop. Each year they hold a Paper Doll Party at their shop in Texas.He is without doubt the King of Paper Dolls and the most successful paper doll artist ever. More recently – with Paper Studio Press -Tom has published “Rosie the Riveter,” a paper doll book which celebrates the iconic World War II working woman.

1920s Fashion – Revolution in Women’s dress and Style.

Tom Tierney

By 1920 – petticoats had vanished; the restrictive corsetry of an earlier era gave way to elastic girdles and bandeaux. These in turn accelerated the popularity of the slenderized figure. Waistlines dropped to the hips, then virtually disappeared. hemlines rose, and lower cut, more elegant shoes with stylish hose ( the sheen of silk was an important mark of status) were worn to decorate the newly revealed leg. The popularity of dancing and outdoor sports dealt the coup de grace to any lingering Victorian / Edwardian constraints on the female figure, except those designed to de-emphasize now unfashionable feminine curves.
Dress Change Animation - 1920s Fashion Timeline.

By the mid 1920s, influential Parisian couturiers had established the “garconne” silhouette. With it characteristically flattened bust and hips, this was the boyish look, idealizing the pre-adolescent figure, that is now popularly associated with the “flappers” of the “Roaring twenties”. The streamlined garconne shape appeared even more emphatically in lower – and middle class ready to wear fashions than in haute couture, for it made stylish apparel especially easy to mass-produce.
Dress Change Animation - 1920s Fashion Timeline.

On all levels, fashion in the Twenties was dominated by the ensemble mode: dress, hat, shoes, and coat were matched to form an aesthetically coordinated outfit. Throughout most of the decade, foreheads were concealed, at least on the street, by over-sized hats, turbans, headbands, or, later on, by the ubiquitous helmet like cloche hats made to fit “bobbed” or “shingled” hair. Important accessories included bracelets arranged in “service stripes”.”pochettes” ( small, stylish handbags), long ropes of pearls, cigarette holders, and silver “vanity cases” and compacts.

Under the influence of Coco Chanel, costume jewelry became fashionable for the first time in history. By the end of the 1920s, feminine curves, lower hemlines, and uncovered foreheads –  all to return uncompromisingly in the 1930s – had already begun to reappear. The age of the “garconne flapper” had had her day.

Great Women’s Clothing Designs of the 1920’s.
Dress Change Animation - 1920s Fashion Timeline.

Many of the great designers of the Belle Epoch – for example, Beer, Lanvin, Poiret, Paquin, Callot Soeurs, Redfern, and Worth all feature in Tom Tierney’s beautiful Paper Dolls. The animation we created of his cut-out doll dresses feature some of these people. Like Chanel – whose guiding principle was – simplicity, inventor of  “the little black dress”, and most definitely a huge influence on the rise of hemlines.
Jean Patou – a great rival of Chanel’s – he was celebrated for his sportswear, and famously caused a stir in 1929 when he dropped his hemlines abruptly to the ankle.
Madeleine Vionnet – revolutionized high fashion some years before with her gorgeous bias cut dresses, which draped the ‘real curves’ of women and precipitated the end of the corsets dominance.

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