Vintage Makeup Video Tutorial from 1969


Lavishly illustrated transcription of a rare 1960s makeup film – Many thanks to Skip Elsheimer of AV Geeks. Written and narrated by beauty consultant Marla Craig.   Beauty – the basic rules Women have used cosmetics as far back as recorded history can take us. By the beginning of the 20th Century, makeup became a …

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1960’s Beauty Advice – Complexion


Illustrated transcription from a makeup video tutorial from 1969 – Thanks to Skip Elsheimer of AV Geeks for discovering and sharing the rare find. written and narrated by beauty consultant Marla Craig. See the video and check out the full lavishly illustrated transcription of the Vintage 1969 makeup Tutorial. 2- Complexion A beautiful complexion is …

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1960s Beauty – Lose 5 pounds in 5 Seconds!


Archive makeup video tutorial from 1969 transcribed with color images –  written and narrated by beauty consultant Marla Craig. Introduction. See the original video and read the Vintage 1969 makeup Tutorial – for a lavishly illustrated step by step tutorial. The more interested you are in the world around you, the more interesting you become! …

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1930s Style Make-up Application – Vintage guides to download

1930s Make-up Application Techniques – Original guides for download Two extremely rare 1930s beauty and makeup guides spanning from 1932 and 1938 , found in the famous Oxford vintage market in England. Lovingly restored for you to enjoy. Make-up by Virginia Vincent and The Art of 1930s Make-up by the great Max Factor. The makeup …

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1920s Style Make-up Application – Vintage guides to download

1920s Make-up Application Techniques – Original guide for download. A rare vintage 1920s beauty guide with instructions on the makeup application techniques of the flapper era. You’ll adore it. It’s a beautifully illustrated and restored e-book from an original beauty guide for women from 1925 by wealth socialite Marjorie Oelrichs.Packed with feminine advice for young …

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1950s Style Make-up Application

1950s Style Make-up Application – What is beauty, glamour and charm? This was a question that many women in the 1950s asked themselves. Make-up & Beauty – 1950s guides contains two entertaining and beautifully restored and illustrated make-up and beauty manuals from the early 1950s. As in the 1940s, the magic word was Glamour. Learn …

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