1930s Makeup Advice – Actress Sari Maritza

English Actress gives advice from 1932 – Vintage Makeup Feature Sari Maritza, that fresh faced young English actress, has made a deep study of makeup and she has graciously agreed to tell us some of her secrets. ” You must know your face, before you can intelligently work out the individual make-up for you. While …

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Vintage Makeup School – Eyebrow Tests 1932

1932 -Eyebrows---Marlene-Dietrich

1930s Eyebrow Makeup tests – Vintage makeup report – Carolyn Van Wyck NOTHING will revive your interest in yourself like a change of eyebrows, but be sure of what you’re doing. For a safe home test equip yourself with a pointed eyebrow pencil and cold cream, not the liquefying kind. First emphasise the inner lines, up, …

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Max Factor’s School of Make-up 1934.


Hollywood beauty guru shares secrets – “Do you know”, asks Max Factor ” that you can change the very contour of your face?” That isn’t an idle dream. It’s a fact. All you have to do is to learn a few elementary principles of art. So – step into school girls. Let’s do what the …

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Vintage 1970’s Disco Makeup in 14 Steps


14 Step Guide to a 1970s Disco Makeup Look 1978 – Shape the eyebrows Brush the brows Moisturize the face Conceal under eye circles Camouflage nasty expression lines Contour the face Highlight the cheekbones Dab on foundation Gold Eye-shadow – light inside corners and dark outer corner Smudge on eye pencil Mascara each lash, upper …

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Modernizing Vintage Hair and Makeup

Masterclass from top beauty magazine beauty stylists – It really is the ultimate ‘finishing school’ for wannabe hair and make-up artists. Founded by the internationally acclaimed Makeup Artist Dani Guinsberg, the school also boasts such luminaries as Julie Jacobs, Amanda Bell, Glenis Baptiste, Christopher Sweeney, Mariam Jensen, Guiseppe Bulzis and Katie Campbell, whose collective work …

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100 best Internet video tutorials – Vintage 1969 Makeup Film


Glamourdaze video featured in German top 100 tutorials – Late news – if it’s pleasant to hear – is still good news, and we only learned of Glamourdaze’s inclusion last July / August in a unique German exhibition of online video tutorials. Our popular 1969 makeup tutorial film was nominated. Below are some promotional shots …

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The Story of Helena Rubinstein

The Beauty Business of Helena Rubinstein in 1941

How Helena Rubinstein, a little girl from Krakow, helped build the 20th Century beauty industry and outsmarted Wall Street. A Day in the Life of Helena Rubinstein Full of thoughts, Helena Rubinstein begins another day with a bath, followed by rubbing liquid powder over her body. She studies her face in the mirror before applying her …

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