1920’s Hairstyles for Face Shapes

1920's Hairstyles for Face Shapes - Pola Negri

1920’s Hairstyles for your face shape The 1920’s bob hairstyles craze, quickly brought home some hard truths. Your hair could determine how you looked, depending on your face shape. Alternately, your 1920’s hairstyle could determine your looks, depending on your face shape. Another browse through the 1926 personal style book “Making the most of your …

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1940’s Women’s Pompadour Hairstyle Tutorial


1940’s Hairstyles – Women’s Pompadours There are three basic 1940’s women’s pompadours, and the setting instructions are almost exactly the same as top reverse rolls – the only difference being that the top hair used for pompadours is longer and of course they stand up much higher. 1940’s Hairstyles – 3 Women’s Pompadour Hairdos The …

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