Vintage Fashion – The History of Hemlines

history of hemlines

The History of Womens Skirt Lengths The rise began during the First World war as designers raised hemlines to above the ankle with the new ‘Crinoline’ . It was more practical and suited women who were working in increasing numbers in war production. In the years following the war, skirt lengths continued to rise, till …

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Fabulous Retro Christmas Video !

Highly recommend watching this cool home made video of The Foster Family, recreating a vintage 1950’s White Christmas.! Enjoy ! The Foster Family’s 1950’s White Christmas Downloadable  Gorgeous Retro Vintage Fashion and Christmas Calendars  copyright Glamourdaze 2010

A Vintage Pin Up Christmas !

Support Glamour Daze and treat yourself or loved one to a set of beautiful ‘ Instant Download ‘ Vintage Pin Up Fashion Calendars, celebrating the glamourous decades of the 1920s, 1930s, and 1940s. Plus a bonus 2012 calendar and Christmas Calendar ! A Merry Vintage Christmas from Glamour Daze ! Available for Instant Download in …

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The Powder Room – 1950’s Makeup and style tips

1950’s Fashion – Makeup Tips – GlamourDaze Other useful 1950’s fashion links: Famous Fashion Designers of the 1950’s   The Powder Room The sultry secretary style and makeup looks of the 1950’s that MadMen Joan Holloway epitomizes is showcased in this beautiful original archive film from the 1950’s . The whole film glows with that …

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Witches Glamour – Halloween Fashion from 1900 to 1960

Fashion ideas for the Modern Witch ! Witches have come a long way since Salem. As the 20th Century arrived, dressing up as a witch was becoming fashionable and even glamourous.This is an interesting photo timeline beginning with two amazingly gothic looking women from way back in 1900. Many of these images found from Sexy …

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Gonna Buy Me a Paper Doll

Vintage Paper Dolls – Fashion  Doris Day – courtesy Carla at Home Paper Dolls go back a long long way. Children, always creative,  love to play dress up. By the 1930’s and 1940’s it was a golden age for paper dolls, they were cheap, often came within fashion magazines, and were a great resource for …

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Good Posture Guide for Women – 1940’s Style Advice

Its interesting to remember that Pilates, now a hugely popular guide to good posture was developed in the 1940’s and named after Joseph Pilates. Women of the 1940’s simply had to master correct posture. There was no option. Corset makers like Spencer did their bit to help, but there is no better alternative than simply …

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