1940’s fashion – Wedding Dresses and Trousseaus


A short look at the styles and traditions of 1940s wedding dresses and trousseau. The increasing popularity of a 1940s wedding theme these days suggests a genuine yearning for old style glamor. The yardstick for vintage wedding themes certainly draws a lot from the 1940s fashion era. In those days a woman’s trousseau was placed …

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Sybil Connolly – Ireland’s First Great Fashion Designer

The name Sybil Connolly returned to the fashion press recently when actress Gillian Anderson turned up to the annual Bafta Awards wearing a vintage 1950’s pleated handkerchief linen dress. One of the Irish designers most famous innovations – uncrushable linen – was a fashion sensation in the late 1950’s. Glamourdaze have recently unearthed a forgotten …

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Edith Head – Hollywood’s Infamous Costume Designer

edith head - hollywood costume designer

A study of Vintage fashion on Film through the costume design of Edith Head A small diminutive woman, famous for her Anna May Wong inspired crop and signature sunglasses – Edith Head may not have been a fashion visionary, but she knew how to concoct screen glamor like nobody before her or since. With a …

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1940’s College Fashion Show


This 1940’s college fashion feature comes from 1948.  It is the conclusion to a series of 1940’s dress making films. Features a group of enthusiastic students showing off their dress making skills. The patterns were supplied by the Simplicity Pattern Co. It is led by a girl named Betty. 1940’s College Fashion Show Betty –  …

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Shoe Fashion – Time travel back to the 1930’s

See original post here: Shoe Fashion – Time travel back to the 1930’s It isn’t often you get a high quality fashion film feature from the 1930’s but Glamourdaze is delighted to present ‘Shoe Fashion – Time travel back to the 1930’s’. A sparkling fashion film featuring women’s designer shoes from the 1930’s. Other 1930’s …

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An Original Flappers Guide to 1920’s Make-up.


Advice from a Society Dame in 1927 – Advice from a society Dame to women on the ‘art of making up’ for that ‘ special night out’ ! Adapted from ‘ Home beauty Course’ by Marjorie Oelrichs -1927. ( Excerpt from Make-up & Beauty – A 1920s Guide – available from vintagemakeupguide.com ). Darling – …

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Gorgeous Shoe Fashions ( Vintage Film 1936 )

1930’s Shoes for Women – Archive film “Gorgeous fashion in 1930’s footwear. A Rainy Morning, but no rubbers, but sure footing in shoes of gleaming water-proof patent leather – with the new pearl luster finish. A shining example for the new year. Oxfords and Pumps hold their own during the rainy season.And now with clear …

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A Merry Vintage Christmas

A big happy Christmas to all our blogger friends. We will be opening our new site at Glamourdaze.com early in 2012. Blogger has been great and Google needless to say rocks, but we need more pages and control over our site – so hence the BIG MOVE ! The new site really shall be an …

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Vintage Fashion Fair in Eden

Just reminding any vintage fashion enthusiasts out there in the area of Eden in High Wycomb in beautiful Buckinghamshire and beyond, that there will be a great Vintage Retro Fashion Fair on Saturday and Sunday the 22nd and 23rd of October. Over 30 stalls packed to the brim with bags, broaches, skirts and scarves and …

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