Gibson Girls in 1904 | Edwardian Fashion at 60 fps

AI enhanced - Gibson Girls

Brought to life using AI 4K upscaling and 60 fps frame interpolation, a 1904 film of the Edwardian era Gibson Girl. punching time sheets. Interpolated from original 15 fps to 60 fps, for added depth awareness, up-scaled to 4 K, and finally colorized using AI algorithms. We also added an ambient soundtrack. Filmed at Westinghouse …

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Four Popular 1920’s Bobbed Hairstyles of 1924

Egyptian-Bob hairstyle

How to create four popular bobbed hairstyles from 1924 – the year of the hair bob. Borrow and read Professor Rohrer’s 1920’s hairstyle book on Bobbed Hairstyles – Egyptian, Boyish, Shingle, Curly You can check out our other bobbed hair related posts at the end of this article. Egyptian Bob The Egyptian bob is …

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How to Look Slimmer the 1970’s Way

Oleda Baker - 1970's fashion model

Look slimmer the 1970’s way for your body shape. 1970’s tips for short waist, short figures, wide hips and shoulders, narrow shoulders, large bust. Source: The Model’s Way to BeautyOleda Baker 1973 How to Look Slimmer by correct dressing Midway through your diet you’ll discover the new you is beginning to emerge.And oh, how you’ll …

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Vintage Makeup Brushes – Beauty Tutorial 1961

lip brushes

Hollywood beauty guru Ern Westmore demonstrates the different types of vintage makeup brushes from this 1961 beauty tutorial. Every movie, television or stage star paints a portrait on their faces to define their features. Their face is their fortune. This is how you should value your facial appearance.The days of finger daubing makeup are gone. …

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1980’s Fashion Show – Fall Dresses of 1986

Little Black Dress 1980s - by Ralph Lauren

1980’s fashion show displaying Fall dresses from 1986. Dresses from Mary Restivo, Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Mary McFadden, Gloria Sachs,Carolyne Roehm. A 1980’s fashion show, presented in the Fall of 1986 by fashion spokesperson Aniko Gaal for the now defunct Garfinckel’s department store, joins presenter Janet Wood, in Washington DC. Broadcast in 1986 on PBS …

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Women of Color – Rarely Seen Photographs

Erlin Ibreck - 1960's fashion model

Glamour Daze looks back at some rare photographs. Beautiful sassy women of color, dating from the 1970’s back to the roaring 1920’s. Pastel Mini Dress – 1960’s Drum Cover Girl Erlin Ibreck, London. 1966 – James Barnor. Rarely seen image of a chic woman of color from the 1960’s. The pastel mini-dress and faux jewelry …

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Beach Pants and Vintage Swimsuits of the 1930’s

1930's beach pants

1930’s fashion film featuring vintage swimsuits, beach pants, beach skirts and play suits. Remastered and colorized by Glamour Daze. Watch Beautiful Vintage Swimsuits | 1930’s Fashion Top 1930’s Beach Fashions and Swimsuits The very latest thing. A printed linen halter top with navy wide ribbed body. Over this is a linen cape. Next, a one …

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