1920s Makeup Booklet for all Flapper Types


Vintage advice from the 1920s era – The leading seller of face powder in the post World War One era, and ‘liquid stockings’ in the 1940s, the Armand cosmetics brand is all but forgotten now. Here is an excerpt from their 1929 beauty booklet curated by Cosmetics and Skin. Develop your own Type – Cleopatra …

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Three One Minute Vintage Beauty Exercises


Amusing 1930s exercises that actually work – The second in a short series of perusals of vintage beauty booklets – this one again from a 1930s beauty booklet by Rose Laird. This comes courtesy of Cosmetics and Skin – whose growing collection of scanned beauty booklets is a treat to browse through. Three One-Minute Exercises …

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Makeup for Blondes – Max Factor Advice in 1935


Blonde Ann Sothern and brunette Marian Nixon – These girls are not pretty by accident, but by habit. They do the right things at the right time and so can you. You too can make beauty a habit ! I don’t know how many dark girls there are in the world. probably a hundred million …

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Girls Who Wear Glasses – 1940s Beauty Tips


Vintage advice for bespectacled girls 1943 – We generally flee like mad from statistics, but the other day we ran smack into some figures on girls who wear glasses, that sent us dashing out to find out more about them. Do you know that you and some 25,000,000 of your sisters in the United States wear …

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A Short History of Skincare Cosmetics


Gabriela Hernandez – Besame Cosmetics founder – Attention to aging skin has been a priority for over 3000 years. In ancient times, masks were used to cleanse and maintain the skin’s moisture. The Egyptians used anti-wrinkle creams made with essential oil of frankincense, which claimed to possess anti-inflammatory properties. Thick creams, created to preserve moisture on …

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1910 – Seven Secret Edwardian Beauty Hints


Illustrated Beauty Guide from the Titanic Era – Some highlights from a 1910 personal beauty book by Margaret Mixter. You can find the full book on Archive.org.  A rare insight from the Edwardian Era,  into the beauty habits and secrets of Edwardian women. 1. Massage – Face,Neck,Eyelids,Arms 2. Giving a Dry Shampoo. 3. Manicuring. 4. …

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Vintage 1930’s Makeup Skincare Guide


Daily Beauty Rituals 1937 1930’s Makeup and Skincare Guide with Constance Bennett. Produced for the Educational Films Corporation of America. Ms Bennett starts her day with a good bath, prepared of course by her attending house maid !! “Before starting off, one should start off with a clean slate as it were!” “Stimulation is the …

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