1930s Swimwear Fashion Report

Hollywood by the Sea July 1934 – 1930’s fashion report Left:Alice Faye,managed to get a nice suntan and the contrast of her skin with her white beach outfit is striking. Her rubber suit and terry-cloth cape are trimmed in green to match her straw hat. Right:Apparently Carole Lombard teases Old Man Sun to do his stuff by wearing this daring…

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Make-up Advice to Flappers 1925

By 1920s beauty artist Violet Dare – The appropriately named “Miss Dare” dishes out makeup advice to flappers “make-up moods” and “occasion make-up”and “Make-up to Hollywood types”. Remember that most womens faces are their own fault ! They want to be beautiful, yet they so often allow themselves to be limited by what they think they were born with. They don’t…

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