1929 – Irish School Girls Singing | 4K 60fps

Irish school girls in 1929

Time capsule from 1920s Ireland. Two Irish school girls sing ‘as Gaeilge’ a song about helping their mammy.Filmed at a local national school near St Brigid’s well in the village of Liscannor, County Clare. May 28th 1929. Using AI deep learning techniques, this film has been enhanced, colorized, upscaled and sound restored. AI Enhancement © …

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1920s Bathing Beauties Brought to Life with AI

1920s flappers at the Beach - AI Colorized

Time travel back to 1928 and join these women relaxing on English Bay beach, Vancouver. A moment in time nearly a century ago, now AI enhanced with color and sound. Don’t these bathing beauties look amazing in their mid 1920s era swimsuits? Filmed in 1928 on English Bay beach Vancouver. The beach was a popular …

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Vintage Lingerie Styles still adored Today

vintage lingerie styles

What Vintage Lingerie Styles are Still Coveted by Fashion Lovers ? Glamourdaze explores the iconic garments that are still with us today. Vintage Lingerie Styles which still prevail “Real elegance is everywhere – especially in the things that don’t show,” said Christian Dior. Any avid lingerie collector will know the truth of the famed designer’s …

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High School Makeup Tutorial for Girls | 4k 1960 Film

high school makeup

Watch this rare 1960 educational film for girls on how to apply high school makeup. The sequence of makeup application for high school girls is as follows: Cleansing Powder makeup Concealing skin blemishes Lip makeup Eyebrow makeup Mascara Curling Lashes Curling Lashes High School Makeup Tutorial 1960 | AI Restored Original Title: Makeup – Good …

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AI brings 1920s Beach Resort to Life | Biarritz 1926

Biarritz 1926 AI enhanced

An immersive time travel experience to the famous beach resort of Biarritz France. Using AI neural networks, Glamour Daze colorized and upscaled an old silent film outtake. With an added soundtrack, it’s like you’re there. Time travel back to the beach resort of Biarritz France, July 1926 on the Côte des Basques.Silent black & white …

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