Women of Color – Rarely Seen Photographs

Erlin Ibreck - 1960's fashion model

Glamour Daze looks back at some rare photographs. Beautiful sassy women of color, dating from the 1970’s back to the roaring 1920’s. Pastel Mini Dress – 1960’s Drum Cover Girl Erlin Ibreck, London. 1966 – James Barnor. Rarely seen image of a chic woman of color from the 1960’s. The pastel mini-dress and faux jewelry …

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Beach Pants and Vintage Swimsuits of the 1930’s

1930's beach pants

1930’s fashion film featuring vintage swimsuits, beach pants, beach skirts and play suits. Remastered and colorized by Glamour Daze. Watch Beautiful Vintage Swimsuits | 1930’s Fashion Top 1930’s Beach Fashions and Swimsuits The very latest thing. A printed linen halter top with navy wide ribbed body. Over this is a linen cape. Next, a one …

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Top 1920’s Fashion Trends for Women

1920's fashion trends

There was much more to 1920’s fashion trends, than flapper slang, and dancing to the Charleston ! What to wear and where to buy. We put together a vintage carousel slide projection, which takes you through all the popular fashion trends of the 20’s. You can read the concise illustrated history of 1920’s fashion. But …

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Shapewear – Vintage Lingerie Guide

Vintage Inspired Girdles

Shop vintage style shapewear and vintage lingerie. Bullet bras, girdles, and waist cinchers from What Katie Did, Rago , Pip and Pantalaimon and Bettie Page. Introduction to Shapewear Hollywood, during the 1930’s and 1940’s, without meaning to at all, brought about a revolution in the field of foundation wear. The stars didn’t like iron-clad girdles …

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Face Shapes – Hairstyles Do’s and Don’ts from the 1960’s

Oval face shape

Ern Westmore‘s hair styling do’s and don’ts for face shapes. Miss Oval, Miss Square, Miss Round, Miss Oblong and Miss Triangle. As you know, the oval face shape has been declared the ideal of feminine beauty by artists who portray it in marble, words or music. Now if yours is not the oval shape, don’t …

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Beauty Pageant – 1970’s High School Girls

1970's beauty pageant

High school senior girls describe their experiences as a Junior Miss.1970’s beauty pageant film showcases 1970’s fashion, 70’s hair and makeup styles of young women. Beauty Pageant Film 1970 It’s tempting to look on the beauty pageant with a jaundiced eye now, but in the 1970’s, as in the decades before, it was difficult for …

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Hand Washing for Coronavirus |Vintage Nurses

hand washing - vintage nurses

Follow these hand washing steps used by medical vintage nurses in the 1960’s, and help yourself and others avoid the dreaded Covid-19 Coronavirus. In the 1960’s, people were less hysterical about the reality of viruses. Folks still remembered a time before antibiotics. The current thinking for good hand washing hygiene is a 20 second hand …

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Victim of Gossip | 1950’s Teenage Girl Fashion

Victim of Gossip | 1950s Teenage Girl Fashions

Some lovely 1950’s teenage girl fashion. The story of Jean, the new girl on campus. She faces social rejection because of hurtful gossip. A Teenage Girl’s Experience of Gossip in a 1950’s High School A 1950’s educational social guidance film on the damage that spreading gossip and rumors can cause. As in the How to …

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