1940s Fashion – The Wartime Day to Day Frock

Pathe 1940s fashion newsreel from 1943 – In wartime Britain, women had to make do and mend, with severe rationing from coupons and utility clothing a must, the new ethos was to be innovative with your current wardrobe. This Pathe film suggests – a tad optimistically that a girl could get by for a whole week in one simple frock…

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Charlotte and Jane – The Latest Rage in Elegance

An exclusive video showcase of the Irish Kinsale based vintage style design label. Recently Charlotte Cargin and Jane Skovgaard of Charlotte and Jane visited Ruths Pharmacy in Letterkenny in Donegal and Charlotte assumed the role of mannequin, rather spectacularly I might add, for our little vintage fashion video presented here. Charlotte’s a natural when it comes to modeling! The dresses…

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Charlotte and Jane – Silks, Seams and Silhouettes

Exclusive in-depth interview with the co founders of the Irish Vintage Style Design Label – Charlotte and Jane   Charlotte & Jane – Silks, Seams and Silhouettes. Every year at the London fashion week – quite a noticeable proportion of designers showing have come through the cloistered halls of Central St Martin’s ( ok – there aren’t any Oxford style…

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Charlotte and Jane – Irish vintage fashion house

1940s and 1950’s retro inspired Spring Summer clothing collection from Ireland. Continuing our current Irish flavour for vintage fashions, and following up on our wonderful find of an archive color fashion film of Sybil Connolly from 1957, we’re taking a quick peek at this years Spring Summer Collection 2012 from Charlotte & Jane, the Kinsale based bespoke fashion house run…

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edith head - hollywood costume designer

Edith Head – Hollywood’s Infamous Costume Designer

A study of Vintage fashion on Film through the costume design of Edith Head A small diminutive woman, famous for her Anna May Wong inspired crop and signature sunglasses – Edith Head may not have been a fashion visionary, but she knew how to concoct screen glamor like nobody before her or since. With a staggering 8 Oscars and 35…

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1950’s Fashion House – from Ireland

Charlotte & Jane It may be hard to believe, but Ireland is leading the way in true classic 1950s retro fashion. They design and produce stunning tailored dresses that will have any 1950’s aficionado watering at the mouth. Just look at these stunning designs.Irish designer duo Charlotte & Jane are continuing their fashion revival of the much loved decade with…

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