Steps to a Perfect Vintage Makeup Face

Vintage makeup tips every woman should learn What types of makeup foundations are there? Cream rouge over foundation Eye shadow basics you should know Is it necessary to outline the eye for good makeup? What is the best way to apply face powder? How can I make my eyebrows look good naturally? How do you properly apply mascara? Dry rouge…

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Vintage 1950s Makeup Tutorial Film

1950s Full Makeup Tutorial – How to achieve a satin clean skin and makeup look to bring out all your natural feminine beauty. Makeup is a study in itself ! You’ll want not only to know how but when to use it. For instance – you wouldn’t any more go to school wearing mascara and eye shadow and lipstick than…

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A Course in Cosmetics by Colleen Moore 1922

The young actress shows her daily routine – Just on the verge of her success in Flaming Youth, where she played the first truly iconic screen flapper, Colleen Moore gave this little makeup tutorial to Photoplay. It was so successful that Photoplay made makeup tutorials a regular thing.  Colleen Moore’s chief screen rival Clara Bow knocked her from her perch…

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1930s Makeup – The arrival of the Concealer

Covermark brand brings out new class of cosmetics – A beauty booklet curated by Cosmetics & Skin extols the magic of  Covermark Cream the forerunner of skin imperfection makeup such as Vichys Dermablend and still a world leader today.It covered all manner of skin blemishes like varicose veins, burns and in particular severe birthmarks. It’s founder Lydia O Leary herself…

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1920s Makeup Booklet for all Flapper Types

Vintage advice from the 1920s era – The leading seller of face powder in the post World War One era, and ‘liquid stockings’ in the 1940s, the Armand cosmetics brand is all but forgotten now. Here is an excerpt from their 1929 beauty booklet curated by Cosmetics and Skin. Develop your own Type – Cleopatra EYES – Accentuate the natural…

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1950s Makeup – Color Harmony in 1951

Color charts for make-up hair and clothes 1951 – 1950s makeup tutorial from Carolyn Earle Bright ideas in 1950s makeup and effective use of costume colors accentuate your good looks and compliment each other. In this post are four complexion types – blonde, brunette, brownette, and titian – together with color suggestions that you can make your own or use…

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1950s Makeup Tips for Teenagers

Vintage Face Correction Tips in 1959 – 1950s beauty report by Carolyn Earle New Look for your eyes Make-up was made for the girl with small or problem eyes which need help to gain attention. Light make-up used as shown above removes dark shadows. A touch of light make-up under the brows makes them look wide apart. Deep set eyes…

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1930s Makeup Advice – Actress Sari Maritza

English Actress gives advice from 1932 – Vintage Makeup Feature Sari Maritza, that fresh faced young English actress, has made a deep study of makeup and she has graciously agreed to tell us some of her secrets. ” You must know your face, before you can intelligently work out the individual make-up for you. While there too many girl ‘types’…

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1932 -Eyebrows---Marlene-Dietrich

Vintage Makeup School – Eyebrow Tests 1932

1930s Eyebrow Makeup tests – Vintage makeup report – Carolyn Van Wyck NOTHING will revive your interest in yourself like a change of eyebrows, but be sure of what you’re doing. For a safe home test equip yourself with a pointed eyebrow pencil and cold cream, not the liquefying kind. First emphasise the inner lines, up, down, straight. Study the effects…

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1960s Makeup – Eight Steps to a Party Face

Groovy 1967 chick makeup guide – A cute 1960s makeup tutorial from Teen Magazine in 1967 1.If your skin is greasy, or partially so, dab with mild tonic down the centre panel, let dry. if skin is dry, use moisturiser instead. 2.Put a little foundation cream into palm. of hand, let it warm before applying it lightly and evenly over the…

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