1932 -Eyebrows---Marlene-Dietrich

Vintage Makeup School – Eyebrow Tests 1932

1930s Eyebrow Makeup tests – Vintage makeup report – Carolyn Van Wyck NOTHING will revive your interest in yourself like a change of eyebrows, but be sure of what you’re doing. For a safe home test equip yourself with a pointed eyebrow pencil and cold cream, not the liquefying kind. First emphasise the inner lines, up, down, straight. Study the effects…

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Modernizing Vintage Hair and Makeup

Masterclass from top beauty magazine beauty stylists – It really is the ultimate ‘finishing school’ for wannabe hair and make-up artists. Founded by the internationally acclaimed Makeup Artist Dani Guinsberg, the school also boasts such luminaries as Julie Jacobs, Amanda Bell, Glenis Baptiste, Christopher Sweeney, Mariam Jensen, Guiseppe Bulzis and Katie Campbell, whose collective work can be seen gracing the…

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100 best Internet video tutorials – Vintage 1969 Makeup Film

Glamourdaze video featured in German top 100 tutorials – Late news – if it’s pleasant to hear – is still good news, and we only learned of Glamourdaze’s inclusion last July / August in a unique German exhibition of online video tutorials. Our popular 1969 makeup tutorial film was nominated. Below are some promotional shots of the exhibition and some…

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Max Factor MakeUp Masterclass – 1936 Film

Max Factor at work in studio – A rare vintage make up film from the golden age of Hollywood. The Hollywood make up genius Max Factor  gives a young model the Claudette Colbert look.

Inside the Tangee Lipstick Factory in 1947

Exclusive peek at the famous lipstick assembly line – In 1947 Life magazines photographer Herbert Gehr paid a visit to the famous Tangee Lipstick manufacturing plant and brought us these rare images. The Tangee Lipstick Factory. Lipstick is manufactured by combining perfumes, color pigments and oils with a wax base, as shown in these pictures from the Tangee lipstick factory. Good…

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Grace-Kelly---The Face with the Golden Ratio of beauty

Grace Kelly – Face with the Golden Ratio of Beauty

Rear Window movie close-up is “Perfect”- The Famous Close-up of Grace Kelly in Rear Window matches the Golden Ratio Mask. as invented by Stephen Marquardt. In other wards her features almost perfectly display the golden ratio of beauty – or 1.618:1 ( called Phi) for the nerds among us. And Miss Kelly had a slightly square face – not an oval one,…

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The Beauty Secrets of 1920s Parisian Women

Visit to Parisian Beauty Parlour in 1926 – Our time traveling beauty correspondent Doris Lee Ashley – reports for Glamourdaze from Paris in 1926. Original Color photographs by Jacques Henri Lartigue. What is it about the beauty of French Women? Travel the world over and you will find none so clever as the French woman in the art of beauty and…

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1920’s Makeup – Hollywood Beauty Tricks

1920’s Makeup Tricks of the Stars – July 1928 – Carolyn Van Wyck’s Hollywood Beauty Shop brings us the latest makeup tricks of the stars.  A GIRL’S face still influences her fortune. Never has make-up been more important than in this day of the modem girl. To buy just the right shade of powder, the proper shade of rouge —…

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1940s vintage tutorial on film

1940s vintage tutorial on film Over on our sister site Vintage Makeup Guides – we’ve transcribed our most popular vintage 1940’s makeup video on our Youtube channel,( over 170,000 hits and rising! ) so you can follow with text and images the exact process of makeup application as taught by Miss Ratherly Stern back in 1946.        …

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Clara Bow Makeup Tutorial – 1920’s Hollywood

Clara Bow Makeup Tutorial – 1920’s Hollywood. A quirky no nonsense 1920s makeup video tutorial from Courtney Bes Green. I think this girl has really nailed the Clara Bow hair and makeup look. She really resembles her at the finish. ” I started by pin curling my hair – not especially neat – as Clara Bows hair is quite fluffy,…

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