stylish 1940's women's shoes

Vintage 1940’s Women’s Shoes – Then and Now

Glamour Daze examines some stylish 1940’s women’s shoes from 1941 and where to get them today. In leather and the popular trend of elasticized gabardine. Feminine shoes borrow masculine styles From top left Bow Pump with a snub toe. Magic stride in antiqued calf; good looking and a good walking heel for that stylish girl in a hurry. Modified moccasin,…

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1930s Make-up Class – Night Time Glamour

Make-up magic from 1937 – We have sketched six entirely different make-up types, and for making up the faces and for the blobs of color showing the correct tints for you to apply, we have used the actual cosmetics – lipsticks, eye-shadow and nail polish. A. Sun Tanned Girl – an average summer type for you to copy when the…

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Famous 1940s Hollywood Faces and their Make-up

Reference the looks of iconic 1940’s women – In high resolution, a quick peek at some of the most beautiful and iconic female faces in the Hollywood firmament, photographed by some of the greatest photographers of their time. Gazing out at us from the past, with all the red lipstick glamour that the era evokes. What we love about these 1940s photos is…

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Pin Up! The Movie – The All American Girl

Reclaiming the art of the Pin up – We all know the style! – pin curls, wiggle dresses, 1940s era bullet bras, seamed stockings, cat-eyed make-up and redder than red lips! The recent explosion of interest in vintage fashion – in particular the era spanning from the 1930s to the 1950s has brought with it a revival of the pin…

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1940s Glamour – Betty Grables Legs

Actress legs achieve landmark stature – Life Magazine -June 1943 Other actresses with handsome legs have gone far, but Betty Grable has made the leg a national landmark. At Grauman’s Chinese Theater recently, instead of the traditional signature, Betty doodled a drawing of her legs instead. She is the US forces number one pin-up girl. Her legs can be seen…

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Trip to a Beauty Salon in 1950

Gala of London Store in the Burlington Arcade Shop – What happens when you get a facial ? – Britannia and Eve April 1950 – A facial is a luxury that many busy women keep “on ice”. A thing to do when she has time. But is it really worth the time to visit a beauty salon? I’d say it…

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Dior meets Khrushchev – French Fashion goes to Moscow 1959

Paris Models Parade through Streets of USSR – Ordinary citizens of Moscow were greeted to the sight of three young willowy French models from the House of Dior, on a meet and greet event ahead of a five day fashion extravaganza. The girls were spotted wandering through the GUM department store, along Red Square, down through local markets. Now under…

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Hollywood Diets of the Stars – Vintage Secrets

New book reveals secrets of the stars – The Hollywood Diet and Fitness book. In the golden age of Hollywood glamour – before celebrities’ least flattering photos were routinely splashed across tabloid papers – the great stars of the silver screen were portrayed as goddesses – visions of flawlessness. The eating habits and daily fitness routines of the likes of…

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Vintage Black Glamour 5-Carmen-De-Lavallade---Prima-Ballerina

Vintage Black Glamour – A Visual History

Rare Images of trail blazing women of the 20th century – Just when I thought I’d pretty much dug up what little there was to be found in photos of beautiful influential women of colour – a new book – Vintage Black Glamour by blogger and author Nichelle Gainer has unveiled some never before seen photographs of black women actresses,…

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