Want to Know a Secret – 1941 Eye Make-up Tips.

Want to Know a Secret? – 1941 Eye Make-up Tips. Back to 1941 now as Hollywood Beauty editor Ann Vernon and actress Peggy Moran show how you can accomplish wonders with your eyes – and learn the secret of mascara application. BRIGHT EYES … Without clear sparkling eyes like Peggy Moran’s, you can’t hope to accomplish a miracle, for cosmetics…

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1940s Winter Fashion – Rita Hayworth – Dec 1942

Our time traveling fashion correspondent  Gwenn Walters reports for Glamourdaze from December 1942 to reveal what 1940s fashions the dishy Rita Hayworth was wearing. ” Doesn’t Rita look smart in this new winter wonder-worker – a smooth black dress featuring the new ‘peg-top drape’ and a high style belt of black cord with a rich black fringe tassel. Rita’s hat…

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1940s Fashion Report – Winter Styles for Christmas 1941.

Hollywood stars model the latest modes for Christmas 1941 –  Gwenn Walters reports for Glamourdaze. QUESTION: What would a girl like for Christmas? Answer: A hostess outfit like this one designed by Earl Luick and worn by the demure Joan Bennett of 20th Century Fox. An all over quilted coat of brown and white checked rayon, silk buttons trimly over…

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1940’s Hairstyles – Change your color and become a star!

1940’s Hairstyles – Change your color and become a star! For some famous actresses of the 1930s ad 1940s, changing their hair color could turn them in to stars. For others it wasn’t such a good idea, even if the role supposedly demanded it. Our roving time traveling beauty columnist Carolyn Van Wycks reports from 1940. 1940’s Hollywood Girls let…

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1940s Fashion – Cute day suits for sunny Autumn days

1940s Fashion – Cute day suits for sunny Autumn days. Time travelling vintage fashion columnist Carolyn Van Wycks gives us a peek at two cute day suits for early autumn 1940 style worn by actress Irish Meredith.The early 1940s fashion silhouette was well established. Pretty Iris Meredith, now appearing in Columbia’s “The Return of Wild Bill” knows how to travel…

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Fashion in 1940 – Autumn Wardrobe of the Stars.

Deanna Durbin, Myrna Loy reveal their Autumn outfits for 1940. Originally published in Sept 1940’s Photoplay by fashion editor Gwenn Walters. The USA’s entrance into the Second World war is still over a year away. Deanna Durbin poses in 1940s College fashions. The perfect little arbiter of good taste in feminine clothes is of course Deanna Durbin, a very fashion-wise…

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1940’s Fashion – Swimwear Styles of the Stars – June 1940.

1940s swimwear designs. The dressmaker suit is trumps in the new ultra-swim worthy offerings that can either go to sea – or be seen! Deanna Durbin, who’ll lead the eagerly-awaited “Spring Parade”, likes this one featuring a swing skirt and a halter that fastens in front, where the blue and red stripes are manipulated to create a pattern. How delightful!…

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