Neiman Marcus Department Store in 1945

The Most Glamorous Department Store in America – Daphne : Where did Mrs. Crane go, anyway? Niles : She’s making her annual pilgrimage to the holy land. Martin : I thought Maris was going to Dallas to visit her sister. Niles : That is her holy land. It’s the site of the first Neiman Marcus. Frasier TV Series Episode:Travels with…

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The Last Kiss Goodbye – New York April 1943

Poignant farewells in 1940s wartime – A moment in time captured by Life Photographer Alfred Eisenstaedt ( best remembered for his iconic Vj day kiss in Times Square in 1945) at Pennsylvania Station, New York,in April 1943.Here is the original report. The grey, insistent feeling of war has washed now into the lives of most Americans. In their home towns,…

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1920s Women in Autochrome Lumiere Color

1920s Women in Autochrome Color

Rare unseen photographs of 1920s fashion – There are only a few really good color fashion photos from the late 1920s. Back in 2011 we featured some amazing color photographs of 1920s women in mostly rural or village settings by Clifton R Adams, and it’s hard to get away from these charming photos shot in Autochrome Lumière. Other photographers featured here…

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Color Photos of War Era Women in the 1940s

A colorful insight to the 1940s – These luscious color photographs of women in the 1940s reside in the National Geographic Creative website where you can license high resolution images. Glamourdaze honed in on two staff photographers whose stunning color images of young women taken in America and Great Britain during the 1940 war years evoke a real authentic image…

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1940s Black Fashion – Photograph Archive

The Photographs of Teenie Harris – Charles Teenie Harris from Pittsburgh USA, is now acknowledged as not only one of the great photographers of his generation, but his documentation of the daily lives of African Americans over several decades in a collection comprising over 80,000 photographs, is quite simply unique. His entire collection is now curated by the Carnegie Museum…

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After the Rain - © photographer Eamonn-Brown

My Love My Umbrella

An illustrated ode to the ubiquitous ‘brolly’ “We moved under the umbrella out of the street light, fumbling for certain footing between the tree roots. ‘Will you hold the umbrella?’ She took the imitation leather with the white stitching in her hands. ‘Kiss me.’ She leaned across the steel between us. ‘Do you think we should?’ I repeated.’ It was the rain,…

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1950s Fashion – Fifth Avenue Style in 1952

Manhattan Fashion 1952 – Look Magazine – August 12th 1952 showed the 5th Avenue folks don’t often see. Hollywood actress Laraine Day along with local New York beauties, Mary Damon, Patricia Geoghegan and Brigida Dammes spent a sunny afternoon parading the latest trends in summer dresses and poodle haircuts . It’s not clear who the dresses are by but they…

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The Street Photography of Ruth Orkin

A look at the life of a 1950s Photo journalist – Photographer Ruth Orkin directed a little remembered docu drama in 1956 called Lovers and Lollipops. It inspired director Todd Haynes to make the Oscar winning film Carol. A prominent member of New York’s Photo League, Orkin was a pioneer in street photography. Glamourdaze takes a look at her work. Ruth…

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Deauville – The Town where Fashion went on Holiday

The Parisian Riviera in photographs – 1910 to 1940 F.Scott. Fitzgerald mentioned Deauville in “The Great Gatsby” as a place Tom Buchanan and Daisy visited on their honeymoon. It is the birthplace of Chanel’s career in fashion. It’s proximity to Paris made it the go to resort for French high society. In 1913 Coco Chanel opened her first salon here…

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Threads of Time – Color Portal to 1920s Womens Style

1920s Fashion Recorded and Styled – A Photographic essay of Women’s fashion – 1920 to 1930 A project that is 60 years in the making began with renowned fashion photographer Neal Barr’s personal and lifelong obsession with women’s apparel from the Roaring 20s and his plan to stage and photograph, in meticulous detail and full color, a fashion display that…

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