How to Become a 1940’s Fashion Model

The Powers Girl – 1940’s Fashion Models in 1942 How to become a 1940’s fashion model. A rarely seen movie short called The Perfect Powers Girl by Minoco Productions. 1940’s Modelling Agencies – The Big Three Three names in the 1940’s dominated the fashion model business. John Robert Powers, Harry Conover, and after the war, former Powers girl and Conover…

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1950 Guide to being a Fashion Model

A Career in Modeling by Helen Fraser- Excerpts from Assignment in Modelling. Here are some photographs of a typical day at the Barbizon School for fashion models in 1950 in Florida. The school was founded originally as a ‘charm school’ in 1935. Barbizon training scene pictures Bettellen in semi-ballet stance with legs widespread to feature the skirts fullness. “She must…

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Givenchy---NR-Farbman-Model Bettina - Life Magazine 1952

Backstage at Givenchy’s First Collection – Spring 1952

The Bettina Collection takes Paris by surprise – In memory of model Bettina Graziani – died March 2nd 2015. To Americans attending Paris Fashion Week for the Spring collections, the time hardly seemed propitious for anyone to be opening a new house – least of all for a youngster without too much money. High costs had forced four houses out…

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