Elizabeth Taylor Cleopatra Eyes – A Simple Guide.

Elizabeth Taylor Cleopatra Eyes – A Simple Guide. Departing briefly from the vintage makeup guides based on the decade, here is a simple guide to a classic Hollywood look, made famous by the irreplaceable and iconic Liz Taylor.  This is a general guide for anyone to do, using their own makeup, except for one important extra:Alexander McQueen Blue Eyeshadow from…

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Elizabeth Taylor makes up her Eyes

Elizabeth Taylor applying eye makeup.From the public domain film The Drivers Seat. Learn the art of 1950’s Makeup style for yourself . Instant download 1950’s makeup and beauty guides from Vintage Make-up Guide.com.

A Life of Beauty – An animated tribute to Elizabeth Taylor

A Life of beauty – Elizabeth Taylor This is our tribute to Elizabeth Taylor. An animated film, morphing iconic images from her youth to middle age.