Vidal Sassoon works his scissors in 1965

The Hair wizard in his New York Salon  – “Famous folks think their names mean a lot to snobby hairdressers.Well, they do to me too – until they get past the reception desk. At that point they can forget who they are – because they’re mine !” declares Vidal Sassoon emphatically. Vidal Sassoon reinvents the classic bob cut The London…

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‘Sassoon Cut’ Triplets – New York 1964

New York triplets import Vidal Sassoon – Curled and puffed-up hair is out, and the smooth-and-sleek retro bobbed look is in. To make triply sure everybody gets the message straight, from London, here are the Dees sisters of New York. The Dees Triplets were featured some 9 years ago in Life Magazine the day they cut their hair short and started…

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Jackie Kennedy Style – January 1961

1960’s Style embraces the First Lady’s look – The spectacle of the First lady and her husband has set hearts racing for many reasons, but Jackie Kennedy fashion has set a look and style that is setting the national pace this year! College girls copy the Jackie style  casually, suburban housewives faithfully. Millinery shops are being fortified with the largest…

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The 1962 Fashion Shoot that launched the Swinging Sixties

Jean Shrimpton – David Baileys iconic Vogue photos – New York 1962 “She was magic. In a way she was the cheapest model in the world – you only needed to shoot half a roll of film and then you had it” – David Bailey on Jean Shrimpton. When British Vogue photographer David Bailey and his unknown protege model Jean…

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1960’s Hairstyles for Long Hair – Pattie Boyd.

1960’s Hairstyles tricks for Long Hair  – Pattie Boyd Most of us will agree that a girls shining glory is her hair. I feel it is so important for a girl to devote her main attention to her Barnet –  which is the London slang word for hairstyle. My hair is pretty longish, so this article I’m afraid is only…

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Rare Vintage 1960’s Hairstyles Film

Thanks to Richard Jeffs of The Baim Collection for allowing us to publish this one minute excerpt from the feature Girls Girls Girls from the Harold Baim Collection. Directed by none other than Michael Winner of Death Wish fame. It features a bevy of women on a trip to the beauty parlour to achieve that early 1960’s Hairstyle ! We…

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Get the Mad Men Look

Get the Mad Men Look ! See also: 1950’s Fashion – The Real Mad Men 1960’s make-up Fashion – Rare film tutorial Rare Vintage 1960’s Hairstyles film Betty Draper, Joan Holloway and Peggy Olsen –  courtesy AMC Achieve the genuine 1950’s and 1960’s Make-up Look as actually taught to women of this era ! Instant downloads at Vintage Make-up Guides…

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