Miss Lachasse Doll -1950s fashion

1950’s fashion – The Right Silhouette for your figure

1950’s fashion – The Right Silhouette for your figure. Vintage 1950s clothing  advice for the young woman.. Many women have just one little figure problem that really bugs them. Whatever it is, it can be made less apparent by wearing the right garment silhouette – with the right line. If you want to understand exactly what is meant by a…

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The Queen – 1950’s Fashion Icon

The Queen – 1950’s Fashion Dress Google ‘The Queen’  and there will be only one image that appears on the front page. Queen Elizabeth 11  – the most photographed woman in history. There can be no doubt about that.    Her outfits have also been the most talked about in the age of modern media. Odd that it is only…

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The 1950’s Circle Skirt Phenomenon

The 1950’s Circle Skirt Phenomenon A quick retro time trip to the 1950s and a video featuring the iconic Circle Skirt. They were inspired no doubt by the New look silhouette of Dior and Cardin, but unlike the more haute couture styles of pleated or gathered styles, a genuine circle skirt was totally a DIY affair, simply cut out from…

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1950’s Wardrobe – The Correct Fashion Line for you

Whatever decade is your personal favorite – you need to know about Fashion Lines and which is the correct one to choose for your figure when buying .Here we explore some vintage 1950s dress fashion advice from Dora Lewis, whose excellent but rare 1950s fashion book Clothing construction and Planning is still available on ebay if you look hard enough….

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Sybil Connolly – Ireland’s First Great Fashion Designer

The name Sybil Connolly returned to the fashion press recently when actress Gillian Anderson turned up to the annual Bafta Awards wearing a vintage 1950’s pleated handkerchief linen dress. One of the Irish designers most famous innovations – uncrushable linen – was a fashion sensation in the late 1950’s. Glamourdaze have recently unearthed a forgotten 1950’s fashion film featuring Sybil…

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Lost Vintage Fashion Film in Color – Ireland 1957

Top Irish fashion designer Sybil Connolly stages a dress show in 1957. This little gem is published courtesy of Richard Jeffs of the Baim Film Collection. A very very rare color fashion show shot in widescreen Eastman color by Harold Baim. It features possibly the most famous Irish fashion designer of her time and certainly the first major Irish name…

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Rare 1950’s Fashion Film from Ireland

Ireland in the 1950’s does not exactly ring loud on the fashion Richter scale, largely due to its depressed economy and the effect of its isolation. Irish women rarely wore trousers and America seemed light years away in its opulence and style. A wedding was the one chance an Irish girl could sparkle and the make do and mend philosophy…

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1950’s Fashion House – from Ireland

Charlotte & Jane It may be hard to believe, but Ireland is leading the way in true classic 1950s retro fashion. They design and produce stunning tailored dresses that will have any 1950’s aficionado watering at the mouth. Just look at these stunning designs.Irish designer duo Charlotte & Jane are continuing their fashion revival of the much loved decade with…

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Circle Skirts and Hairdo’s – 1950’s Fashion

1950’s Fashion – Bell Skirts – Glamourdaze Visit other great 1950’s Fashion links: 1950’s Fashion Designers 1950’s Fashion Show – Paris The Powder Room – 1950’s Makeup  Charming travelogue fashion film from the 1950’s,featuring beautiful circle skirts and  finishing in a womens hair salon, where we see the latest in 1950’s hairstyles. Enjoy

1950’s Fashion – Paris Couture Show from 1956

Vintage 1950’s Fashion Show. The History of Haute Couture Below is the first of several videos on their way featuring original footage from the fashion houses of Paris. Up until the 1950’s Haute Couture or High Fashion traditionally catered for the upper class and wealthy. Now they began to seek a wider market, and within a year of a gown…

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