Trip to a Beauty Salon in 1950

Gala of London Store in the Burlington Arcade Shop – What happens when you get a facial ? – Britannia and Eve April 1950 – A facial is a luxury that many busy women keep “on ice”. A thing to do when she has time. But is it really worth the time to visit a beauty salon? I’d say it…

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French Eyes – Doe-eyed look takes world by storm in 1950

Move over Lipstick – Eye make-up is the big beauty news in 1950 – As the world bid farewell to the 1940s, Life Magazine looks at the new French import of the doe-eye or “L’oeil de biche” ( eye of a deer) make-up look of 1950 – WHEN word came from Paris earlier this year that French models were wearing…

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Glamour Girls of the Air – Air Stewardess School 1958

The Inside story of how to be a 1950’s Stewardess – In 1958 – Life magazine went to Stewardess School in Dallas Texas, and offered a revealing insight into the training, deportment, beauty schooling and sisterly camaraderie which resulted. Photos by Life Photographer Peter Stackpole. “The rather odd education that the girls get in these images is preparing them for…

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One Woman – Three 1950’s Makeup Looks – Elizabeth Arden

Three Summer Faces – French Make up Styles for 1954 – 1950s Makeup report from L’officiel de la mode. Some summer cosmetic suggestions from the top cosmetologist Elizabeth Arden ( Ed: This was in French, so please forgive our translation!) 1.The Sports Make-up Look Eyelashes, eyelids and eyebrows are slightly greased. The important point here is the mouth.The red selected,…

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1950s One Minute Daily Beauty Routines

It Only takes a Minute – 60 Second Beauty Rituals from 1954 –   Diana Day – the beauty editor for Woman in 1954 shares some invaluable basic 1950s beauty tips for maintaining a beautifully feminine complexion. FOLLOW these simple 60 second steps daily and your reward will be everlasting loveliness. One Minute Beauty Makeover Tips – Eyes. a.Brighten eyes each…

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Become a Beautiful Woman – 1950s Makeup Tips

Become a Beautiful Woman – 1950s Makeup Tips. – from American Beauty – 1950’s guide to more glamorous living. For a woman, every new season is a time for renewal. Winter is no different, and is an ideal time for you to bring out your warm inner feminine beauty. ( ed these simple 1950s makeup  tips come in that languid…

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The 1950’s Fashion Look – according to Helena Rubinstein

An insight into the science of beauty from the 1950’s from Helena Rubinstein –   Check out House of Fraser’s big 1950s makeup post after you’ve read this.  Glamourdaze are one of the contributors ! The 1950’s Color Palette. In that glamorous era of the 1950s the idea behind choosing your ‘color type’ was to specifically match your natural hair…

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The Magic of 1950s Makeup – Five Top Tips.

Achieve the perfect 1950’s Face – Gabriela Hernandez – founder of Besame Cosmetics –  and author of Classic beauty – The History of Makeup, shares with us the basics of achieving the 1950s look. The 1950s Face – Top 5 Tips. 1950s Eyebrows are thicker, darker and shaped with a prominent arch. Dow eyes of soft, full lashes,black liner, and…

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1950’s Makeup – 9 Steps to a Party Face

1950’s Evening Make-up Tutorial for Teenagers – Acclaimed beauty columnist Helen Temple shares a simple guide to evening glamour for teenagers in 1954. Is this your first real grown up party season? Then follow these nine steps to a lovely, long lasting make-up. Even if you aren’t a beginner, you may find my tips a good refresher course for achieving…

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Girls who wear Glasses – Vintage advice.

Beauty and style advice for girls who wear glasses in the late 1950’s. When you start to wear glasses, you acquire a new day-in-day-out accessory – your frames become part of your face. Frames should be in proportion to the size of the face, but adjust your taste to changing fashions. The top-line of the frame should be in harmony…

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