Fall fashions for 1952 - Here's what Hollywood stars wore

Fall fashions for 1952 – Here’s what Hollywood stars wore

Here’s the Fall fashions for 1952, as worn by Grace Kelly and Debbie Reynolds . The  dresses, suits and coats worn by Hollywood women in 1952 Fall fashions for 1952 – Debbie Reynolds Debbie Reynolds looks young and gay in her smart new Sherbrooke raincoat. Although it looks like wool, it’s a lightweight all rayon tweed. It doesn’t wrinkle in…

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Vacation Dresses for Summer in 1956

Vacation Dresses for Summer in 1956

1950’s Fashion – Six Vacation Dresses to pack Six Summer vacation dresses to pack in to your suitcase. Get ready for fabulous fun, and head for paradise on the Pacific coast. Left: THE EASY SUIT LOOK. Shirley Jones‘ three part traveler. In sky blue silk wool, flecked with white. It’s crisp shantung blouse matched to jacket lining. Madcaps hat, so…

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1950s Fashion – The Sweater Dress for Winter 1954

The Sweater Dress modeled by Hollywood Stars 1954 Look what’s happening to the sweater, girls! Now it’s a dress, a sweater dress. A blouse, an evening top or even a coat. The sweater has arrived as an important figure in fashion. The sweater dress is pack-able, washable and wearable for all occasions. It’s smart and lovely for the festive season…

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Janet-Leigh---Winter Dresses-1954

1950s Fashion – Winter Dresses 1954

Formal and Informal Winter Dresses for the Holidays – Winter Dresses for 1954. Some of the prettiest formal and informal dresses to be seen in during the holiday season. . Above:  Janet Leigh models an after five dress in ice-blue silk satin Jacquard with flattering open neckline and elbow-length sleeves. The long waistline ends at the hips and with soft shirring. John…

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Fall Dresses in 1950 - Red Tones

1950s Fashion Color Swatch – Fall Dresses in 1950

Fall Dresses in 1950 with Color Family Swatch – Fill your wardrobe with these lovely Fall dresses in 1950. Use the Fall Costume Color Family swatches to help you match, blend and contrast. Costume Color families for Fall 1950 is presented by the Costume Color Council. The colors are displayed in such a way that within each color family you…

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1950s Fashion – Slender Fall Dresses 1953

You’ll want a Slender Dress for Autumn – By Elizabeth Madiera Fashion Editor – Womens Home Companion Fall Dresses 1953 Fashion in 1953 comes to a close, pivot around the narrow silhouette but this fall’s clothes aren’t too straight and strict. Designers have given them a new softness, a flexibility of cut that readies them for any woman’s wearing !…

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Straight Out Of The 50s

Found photos of Women in the 1950s – Vintage style in amateur vintage photographs of beautiful women.  hair and makeup looks captured in magical Kodachrome color from the 1950s era. What they wore at home, for Christmas, for evening wear, at the beach or going skiing. A real time capsule of found photos of women in the 1950s. It’s sad…

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The Pin-up Project

Brazilian pin-ups Renata Candido and Karla Stevanatto – In this exclusive interview for Glamourdaze, Brazilian pin-ups Renata Candido and Karla Stevanatto, also known by their nicknames Chubby Pinup and Gia RedHot, tell us the story of the project that has been revolutionized retro market in Brazil. Six months ago, the Brazilian photographic market gained a company specialized in retro and…

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Paris Spring Fashion Show 1959 – Pierre Balmain

The 1950s goes out in style – Paris makes official the biggest fashion news in years ! The female form is back in style as Pierre Balmain demonstrates in his 1959 Spring collection. He calls it the envelope silhouette, but you’ll note the waist is in its natural place. Long sleeves are out of favour or three quarter as seen…

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1950s Directoire Hairstyles from Paris

Five Pretty French Mannequins model in 1958 – The 1958 Directoire hairstyle, latest headliner from France, was introduced by the Haute Coiffure at a parade at Chez Laurent, famous restaurant in the Champs Elysees gardens, Paris, to coincide with the autumn collections. While waistlines are rising to under the bosom, coiffures are piling into a ruffled, casual effect, with loosely…

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