Vintage Avon Lady Beauty Tips 1946

Simple beauty advice for the 1940s woman – Elbow Tips: Keep them from getting rough by massaging Night Cream over them after applying to your face every evening. Cross arms this way and it only takes a minute. If elbows are dark colored, rub them with lemon juice once a week. Nail Tips: Frequent gentle buffing helps weak nails. It…

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Conflicting Portrayals of WW2 Women in the 1940s

From unfaithful harlot to plucky Waaf – Conflicting Portrayals of WW2 Women On both sides of the Atlantic, there were many conflicting portrayals of gender roles,  femininity and female sexuality. All of these messages doled out by the official War Office propaganda machine. From the patriotic hard working WAAF, Land Girl and Rosie the Riveter to the loose single ‘victory…

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Sexist 1940s posters

Sexist Portrayals of 1940s Wartime Women

Sexist Ads in WW2 – 1940s Women Sexist ads in WW2 In stark contrast to the positive empowerment images of women in the 1940s, there were many sexist ads in WW2. Government warnings to service men to ‘keep mum’ and ‘chaste’ depicted women in time honored fashion; the female stereotype, addled of the mind, untrustworthy and ridden with venereal diseases. During World…

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Ode to the Sweater

Free vintage 1940s sweater pattern plus photo history – As a treat – here’s a free vintage sweater pattern from 1944, originally published by Paton. Just click on the image to download the pdf and save to your device. The measurements are for 36 bust but with plenty of stretch. Paton’s and Baldwins , defunct since 1961, was one of…

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A French Girl in Post War Paris 1946

Profile of a French actress in 1946 – A revealing social document in pictures by Nina Leen of bohemian life in Paris immediately after the Second World War. She is blue-eyed, ash-blonde Barbara Laage, aged 25, an up-and-coming young French actress, enjoying the biggest theater boom Paris has ever know. During the past season, 50 plays have been shown nightly…

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Color Photos of War Era Women in the 1940s

A colorful insight to the 1940s – These luscious color photographs of women in the 1940s reside in the National Geographic Creative website where you can license high resolution images. Glamourdaze honed in on two staff photographers whose stunning color images of young women taken in America and Great Britain during the 1940 war years evoke a real authentic image…

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1940s Fashion – Vogue Under Twenty Dresses

Four 40s frocks and their doll equivalents – One of the pretty young dancers of the musical show, “Panama Hattie,” is Miriam Franklin, who is wearing a buttoned-bodice dress of beige Juilliard wool and a black velvet halo-hat. Her costume and the others on this post were copied in miniature especially for Vogue. These are shown on Margit Nilsen‘s new flexible…

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Dorothy Gray Make Up Routine in 1947

Pathe news visits a Dorothy Gray beauty salon – Every woman knows that tired slack feeling after a hard days work in the office, the shop or even in the kitchen. How wonderful it feels to relax in the comfortable couch in the beauty parlour and let the expert turn you into a new woman. Here the Dorothy Gray way…

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1940s College Girl Hairstyles

Mary Baldwin College for Girls 1940s Yearbooks – Published every year of the 20th century, the yearbook of Mary Baldwin College, now a fully fledged university since August 2016, is a great resource for the clothing and hairstyles of young women in the United States. Every year is published on and are a real treat to scroll through. We’ve…

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1940s Black Fashion – Photograph Archive

The Photographs of Teenie Harris – Charles Teenie Harris from Pittsburgh USA, is now acknowledged as not only one of the great photographers of his generation, but his documentation of the daily lives of African Americans over several decades in a collection comprising over 80,000 photographs, is quite simply unique. His entire collection is now curated by the Carnegie Museum…

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