1940s Hollywood Lipstick Applicator

Instant lip glamour in 1949 – From Hollywood comes a sensational new method of lipstick make-up for screen and stage stars, photographers’s models and for your own personal use – Glamour Lips! One of the most difficult make-up problems is made amazingly simple with the Glamour Lips lipstick applicator. This new technique gives you a clean, sharp, contrasting outline every…

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Gene Tierney Leave her to Heaven 1945

1940s Style in Eye Popping Technicolor

Leave her to Heaven 1945 – John Stahl’s classic noir movie Leave her to Heaven, stars possibly the best dressed ever femme fatale – Gene Tierney. It was recently restored with the help of director Martin Scorsese’s Film Foundation and has been rightly claimed as a forgotten masterpiece. It’s a feast for fans of 1940s clothing, hairstyles and makeup looks and…

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Vintage 1940’s tutorial – Apply Makeup

Secret to Correct 1940s Make-up – Part two of the classic Vintage 1940’s makeup tutorial film Enjoy ! See The Full 1940’s Makeup Guide

1940s Makeup to match the Artists Palette

Makeup to match the Artists Palette

Vogue 1940 looks at the colors of great artists – The Lautrec Type: You are the clear skinned redhead, the type Henri de Toulous Lautrec really loved to paint. Your eyes are blue, green, or hazel, your brows are dark, your skin extremely pale. Daytime Lipstick: “Carnelian”; Lucien Lelong. “Flame”;Woodbury “Vivid”;Lentheric “Sporting Pink”; Helena Rubinstein Evening Lipstick “Granada”; Henri Bendel “Glamour…

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Dorothy Gray Make Up Routine in 1947

Pathe news visits a Dorothy Gray beauty salon – Every woman knows that tired slack feeling after a hard days work in the office, the shop or even in the kitchen. How wonderful it feels to relax in the comfortable couch in the beauty parlour and let the expert turn you into a new woman. Here the Dorothy Gray way…

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Classic Color 1941 Victory Red Lipstick

Patriotic 1940s Shade by Besame Cosmetics – One cosmetic brand in recent years that has become most associated with the vintage fashion set has to be Besame Cosmetics, and their vivacious red lipsticks are perhaps their standout product. Aussie girl Gabriella aka Nancy Wake models their latest lipstick for Glamourdaze – 1941 Victory Red, with these charming photographs. Gabriella has really perfected…

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Girls Who Wear Glasses – 1940s Beauty Tips

Vintage advice for bespectacled girls 1943 – We generally flee like mad from statistics, but the other day we ran smack into some figures on women’s eye-glasses that sent us dashing out to find out more about them. Do you know that you and some 25,000,000 of your sisters in the United States wear glasses? And that the way you wear…

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Gene Tierney -Top Ten Most Beautiful 1940s Women

Top Ten Most Beautiful 1940s Actresses

The Top 1940s Hollywood Beauties – Bearing in mind that the colour barrier had yet to be broken,the look of the typical 1940s woman on screen was of course ‘white’, but what a collection of unforgettable ladies they were. While we have picked our favourites here and not in order of preference or beauty, you will probably feel there were…

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The Real Lip Rouge of the Geisha

The art of Japanese Komachi Beni Lip Makeup – The art of lip make up is ancient indeed in Japan. It was an integral feature used by high society women and of course the Geisha. The traditional lip paint was called Komachi Beni, the name derived from the red pigment obtained from the “benibana” (safflower), grown in the Yamagata prefecture…

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The Vintage Look of Besame Cosmetics

1940s & 1950s Nostalgia Make-up – When you visit Besame Cosmetics, on every product page, you can drool over some stunning photographs of happy customers who all share one thing in common – vintage style and pizazz  ! ( OK that’s two things). I’ve picked out some of my favourites from among many many beautiful make-up looks ; my criteria for this…

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