1940s Fashion – A Day in the Life of a Model

A day with a 1940s fashion mannequin – And now let’s drop in to the house of England’s number one glamour girl Joan Richards. A girl who turns her charm and ability into a busin[mailerlite_form form_id=1]ess asset. Joan has a long and busy day ahead, splitting her modelling duty between giving shows for the troops. The telephone rings during breakfast; her…

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Classic Color 1941 Victory Red Lipstick

Patriotic 1940s Shade by Besame Cosmetics – One cosmetic brand in recent years that has become most associated with the vintage fashion set has to be Besame Cosmetics, and their vivacious red lipsticks are perhaps their standout product. Aussie girl Gabriella aka Nancy Wake models their latest lipstick for Glamourdaze – 1941 Victory Red, with these charming photographs. Gabriella has really perfected…

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1940s Fashion – How to make a Glamorous Turban

British Wartime Tutorial  from 1942 – If you want a new hat, now that hats are rationed, there are ways and means. Turbans are the means and Anne Edwards – fashion editor of Woman shows us some of the ways. Method 1: Having tied the knot on top of the head, you can see how easy it is to tuck in…

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1940s Post War Fashion – $20.00 Budget Dresses

Cheap Dresses in the era of high inflation – It’s 1948 and Life magazine sets out to discover just how well dressed US women can be during a period when inflation is battering the family budget. The answer appears in these pictures of dresses which are on display in department stores across the country and all of which cost $20.00…

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1940s Fashion – Hattie Carnegie Suits in 1945

Hollywood designer suits modelled by Jane Wyman – Hattie Carnegie presents suits incomparable in every detail. Jacket lines have a pleasing variety. Some are snug, button-down-the-front affairs; some nip in at the waist and flare slightly below it – some are cutaways with elbow-length sleeves, and some are cut wide in the bodice to serve as show windows for enchanting…

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1940s Hairstyles – The Sidesweep Craze of 1945

Tilted hats create side-swept hairdos – 1940s hairstyles bend to suit the new hat designs of the mid 1940s Off-to-one-side! It’s the most talked of fashion silhouette for the winter season! here are some of the new side-angled hats and their companion fashions in sideswept hairdos. The hats swing down on one side, and your coiffures must be created to…

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Easy Guide to a 1940’s Woman’s Dress and Style.

Get the early 1940s Look easily – See the lavishly illustrated Concise History of 1940s Fashion. The post below is a basic ‘ how to’ guide for quickly achieving the 1940s wardrobe look. We have much more detailed posts on typical wardrobes for women from the early to the late 1940s, as well as detailed illustrated history. You can browse…

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1940’s fashion – Wardrobe Plan – How to dress accurately

Overview of a well dressed 1940’s woman – Suit for Church, Street, business and Travel. Now see the lavishly illustrated Concise History of 1940s fashion !! 1940’s fashion – Wardrobe Overview How often do you find your eyes enviously drawn to an attractively dressed woman in a pleasing frock, or suit, and who keeps her hair ‘ just right’, her…

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1940’s Fashion – Betty’s Winter Wardrobe Plan 1948

Planning your Winter wardrobe in 1948 – Following on from the earlier 1940’s Fashion – A Young Woman’s Wardrobe Plan from 1947. Now see the lavishly illustrated concise history of 1940’s fashion. Is your seasonal 1940s wardrobe just a haphazard collection of outfits thrown together, or a complete and harmonious set of carefully chosen garments that will turn head and…

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1940’s Fashion – New York Women

Street Fashion 1940’s in New York Continuing in the theme of vintage street fashion, here are some great photos from LIFE MAGAZINE A fabulous site to browse for a window into the past. When it comes to glamour, nothing much has changed in Manhattan. But these women in the 1940’s really raised the bar when it came to dressing to…

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