1940s Fashion Forecast – Hairstyles to Swimsuits

New York Worlds Fair 1939 – Our final look through the collection of fashion photos taken in the Fall of 1939 at the New York Worlds Fair.The 1930s was now paving the way to a 1940’s style of shorter hems, pleated skirts, boxy suits, updo hairstyles, and a more pronounced and confident make-up look. That’s all ! ©Glamourdaze 2017 Images…

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Photo Booth Selfies – A Century of Women

Photo booth selfies – women of the 20th century Back in July 2014 – the year of the Selfie, Glamourdaze took a look back to a time before smartphones and the magic of Photo booth selfies. What we found was a treasure of portraits going back to the Edwardian Era. Google Photo booth women selfies and you’ll see a lot of…

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1940s Hairstyle Tutorial – Vintage Waves

How to guide to vintage 40’s waves Basic Hair Waves Most 1940’s hairstyles are created by using waves and curls. Here we look at the three basic hair waves.When setting a wave, do NOT force the hair. DO follow the natural wave tendencies of your hair, and the finished result will not appear artificial, will last longer and will be…

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1940’s Women’s Pompadour Hairstyle Tutorial

1940’s Hairstyles – Women’s Pompadours There are three basic 1940’s women’s pompadours, and the setting instructions are almost exactly the same as top reverse rolls – the only difference being that the top hair used for pompadours is longer and of course they stand up much higher. 1940’s Hairstyles – 3 Women’s Pompadour Hairdos The three pomp’s are Straight Back…

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Color Photos of War Era Women in the 1940s

A colorful insight to the 1940s – These luscious color photographs of women in the 1940s reside in the National Geographic Creative website where you can license high resolution images. Glamourdaze honed in on two staff photographers whose stunning color images of young women taken in America and Great Britain during the 1940 war years evoke a real authentic image…

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81 Hairstyles in vogue for 1940

A 1940 coiffure for everyone – The new bright star in the Hollywood firmament – Gene Tierney, is equally famous for the molten maple leaf colored quality of her iconic 1940 hairstyle. Sonnets have been written about a woman’s hair, and here we look at 81 coiffures, all in style for the new decade of the 1940s. If you think there…

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1940s Fashion – A Day in the Life of a Model

A day with a 1940’s fashion model – And now let’s drop in to the house of England’s number one glamour girl Joan Richards. A 1940’s fashion model, who turns her charm and ability into a business. Joan has a long and busy day ahead, splitting her modelling duty between giving shows for the troops. The telephone rings during breakfast;…

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1940s Fashion – The Wartime Day to Day Frock

Pathe 1940s fashion newsreel from 1943 – In wartime Britain, women had to make do and mend, with severe rationing from coupons and utility clothing a must, the new ethos was to be innovative with your current wardrobe. This Pathe film suggests – a tad optimistically that a girl could get by for a whole week in one simple frock…

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1940s College Girl Hairstyles

Mary Baldwin College for Girls 1940s Yearbooks – Published every year of the 20th century, the yearbook of Mary Baldwin College, now a fully fledged university since August 2016, is a great resource for the clothing and hairstyles of young women in the United States. Every year is published on Archive.org and are a real treat to scroll through. We’ve…

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1940s Hairstyles – British Wartime Hairdos

Pathe News report on the new Liberty Cut hairstyles – Utility is the key note in the new 1940s Liberty hairstyles. Here’s an example. In days like these, with so many women in war work, there is no time for coiffure. Long hair in such circumstances is a nuisance rather than a blessing. The new style shows the hair cut away…

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