Conflicting Portrayals of WW2 Women in the 1940s

Plucky WAAF to the unfaithful harlot – It was a very different time to be a woman. On both sides of the Atlantic, conflicting messages about femininity and female sexuality were doled out by the official War Offices and subsequently spread by the media and the movie world. From the patriotic hard working WAAF, Land Girl and Rosie the Riveter…

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Navy Nurses Ensign Dorothy Swallen Ensign Dora Eggleston

1940’s Nurse Uniform Fashion of WW2

Dress Uniform Identification – It was the era of World War, the fight to defeat fascism across the world. While equality in the forces had a long way to go, and with the notable exception of the Soviet Armies and air forces, women were not allowed to join direct combat, there were many roles filled by women. Here we examine…

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WAVES Summer Uniform

WAVES & SPARS – 1940s Uniform Fashion

Glamour Girls of the US Navy – WAVES Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Service, otherwise known as WAVES brought thousands of young women in to the Women’s Reserve of the U.S Navy. They were assigned full military status, including ranks, and notably were the first to enlist African American women, albeit in the latter years of the war. WAVES earned…

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1940s British Women at War – The Home Front

Rarely Seen Photos from the early 1940s – To mark the release of our 1940s Wartime Women’s guides pack, here are some amazing images of women serving on the home front in Britain during the Blitz era. Thanks to the marvelous collection of the Imperial War Museum in particular, who curate a rare series of color transparency slides, some of…

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Heroic Hardass Women of WW11

Celebrating 1940s Wartime Women – To mark the release of our 1940s Wartime Women Guides Pack, we’ll be featuring some posts to celebrate the heroism and endurance of women who served in the Allied forces during World War Two. That’s all ! ©Glamourdaze 2018 Download our 1940s Wartime Women Guides Pack now.

Past becomes Present in Colorized Photographs

The Art of Colorist Olga Shirnina – There are many apps these days which claim to colorize, with a click of a button, your old black & white photographs, but these compare poorly to the work of a real artist. I’ve seen many good colorists over the years, but none compare to the artistry of Russian woman Olga Shirnina, who…

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Neiman Marcus Department Store in 1945

The Most Glamorous Department Store in America – Daphne : Where did Mrs. Crane go, anyway? Niles : She’s making her annual pilgrimage to the holy land. Martin : I thought Maris was going to Dallas to visit her sister. Niles : That is her holy land. It’s the site of the first Neiman Marcus. Frasier TV Series Episode:Travels with…

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Straight Out Of The 40s

Kodachrome Time Capsule from the 1940s – Vintage Style captured in amateur kodachrome photographs showing genuine everyday women’s clothing, hair and makeup looks taken in the 1940s era. There’s just something about these images that casts a spell over me. You can buy the originals on Ebay and Etsy if you’re not too late. Just search for Kodachrome girls That’s all…

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1940s British Women at War in Color

Rarely seen Color Photographs of women in service- In anticipation of our 1940’s Wartime Women’s Guides packs, here are some marvelous color photographs held by the Imperial War Museum. They are part of the IWM collection ‘Ministry of Information Second World War Colour Transparency Collection‘. Featured are girls from the Women’s Land Army ( Land Girls) , Women’s Auxiliary Air…

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The Pin-up Project

Brazilian pin-ups Renata Candido and Karla Stevanatto – In this exclusive interview for Glamourdaze, Brazilian pin-ups Renata Candido and Karla Stevanatto, also known by their nicknames Chubby Pinup and Gia RedHot, tell us the story of the project that has been revolutionized retro market in Brazil. Six months ago, the Brazilian photographic market gained a company specialized in retro and…

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