1930s makeup advice for bespectacled women

Why not head over to our sister channel Vintage Makeup Guides to see a charming 1930s makeup tutorial video from Pathe Films – Hollywood Eyebrow makeup tutorial from 1938. We’ve written out the text with video stills for you to see. Now you can have that ‘eyebrow’ accent which the quipped British commentator suggests you need! Also – do you…

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Secrets of 1930s Make-up – Vintage Archive film.

Courtesy of Pathe’s Vintage Fashion channel. Until the late 1940s, all newsreels had to be voiced by a male voice-over. And if the subject was aimed at women, by a condescending male voice over ! Still – the film is charming and the vintage 1930s make-up styles of British ladies are great to look at. Making up is an art…

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Vintage 1930’s Beauty and Make-up Tutorials

Looking for an authentic vintage 1930’s make-up look ? Want to feel like a 1930s girl ? The these two extremely rare make-up guides spanning from the early to the late 1930’s might fill your Christmas stocking very nicely. Found in an Oxford garage sale and lovingly and beautifully restored; Make-up by Virginia Vincent and The Art of Make-up by…

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Glamourdaze – Vintage Face

This is our tribute to women’s long love affair with make-up. Enjoy ! Beautiful vintage make-up and beauty guides available for download at Vintage Make-up Guide.

Vintage 1930’s Makeup Skincare Guide

Daily Beauty Rituals 1937 1930’s Makeup and Skincare Guide with Constance Bennett. Produced for the Educational Films Corporation of America. Ms Bennett starts her day with a good bath, prepared of course by her attending house maid !! “Before starting off, one should start off with a clean slate as it were!” “Stimulation is the basis for a good skin…

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1930’s Makeup Revisited

1930’s Vintage Makeup Guide By and large the most fascinating period in women’s fashion.Beginning with the art deco style that spilled over from the late 1920’s. The feminine makeup look changed rapidly from the late 1920’s and in to the 1930’s. Gone was the coquettish girl of the late victorian era, to a more independent woman. The pale face look…

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