womens hats in 1930

Womens Hats in 1930 – Fashion Film

Vintage Film – 1930 Women’s hats Women’s hats in 1930 moved away from the angular look of the flapper era to accommodate new fuller hairstyles. Glamourdaze presents a delightful vintage fashion feature from 1930 featuring women’s hat styles. The cloche hat that had covered all the hair and much of the face in the late 1920s did not disappear immediately….

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1930s Fashion – Summer Styles Hollywood 1931

1930s Movie Style Inspiration – Perhaps you have been doing it for years – perhaps it is a new thought. But don’t you find that animated fashion tips from the screen put a new zest into your shopping routine? There is something about seeing a costume in action that dramatizes the details. You want so badly to wear that frock,…

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1930s Fashion – Hollywood Bridal Costumes

Here Comes the Bride – Left: For the very youthful bride Mary Brian offers a likely combination of souffle, lace and apple blossoms. The frock, which is delightfully jeune fille, is a piece of delicate workmanship, merging silken lace and cream souffle, into graceful lines. The veil is a shower of souffle, utilizing a band of cream satin to form…

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1930s Swimwear Fashion Report

Hollywood by the Sea July 1934 – 1930’s fashion report Left:Alice Faye,managed to get a nice suntan and the contrast of her skin with her white beach outfit is striking. Her rubber suit and terry-cloth cape are trimmed in green to match her straw hat. Right:Apparently Carole Lombard teases Old Man Sun to do his stuff by wearing this daring…

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Sylvia Sidney 1930s Hat Style for Spring

Four Hats for a Spring wardrobe 1935 – Sylvia Sidney prefers brimmed hats.(Left)”Pied Piper,” in black pebble crepe straw, topped with yellow fan feather, tips far forward over one eye for that demure look in the Spring sunshine. (Right), “Gingham Girl,” for afternoon and restaurant dining, in cloudy blue. New squared crown and coquettish brim that permits the wearer to…

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1930s Spring Fashion from Hollywood

1936 April styles feature – Joan Crawford shows you a hat in blue suede, in a delicate light shade, Joan’s favorite. The band is navy blue. The hat is from John Fredericks, at which shop she bought more than thirty items. A tailored suit designed by Irene for Joan Crawford, is of black and white check. Notice the flap which…

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1930s Hairstyle – May Day Hair Decoration – 1936

Chic Coiffure Accents in flowers, jewels and feathers – 1930s Hairstyles parade with Jessie Tait Nearly every head is now adorned these May evenings with ribbons, feathers, jewels, flowers and turbans, all decorating well-groomed heads. Colors usually match the evening gown, or the flowers or shoes worn. Jewelled clips, brooches, combs, and other hair-ornaments accompany smart evening gowns. Study your…

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1930s Fashion – Winter Suits in 1936

Hollywood’s latest styles in suits and coats – Claudette Colbert, caught in color on her way to the races at Santa Anita, in a sports outfit designed by Irene of Bullocks Wilshire. Her coat is a vibrant green with red-brown flared skirt and lumber jacket blouse of dull raspberry. A pheasant’s feather trims her smart hat poised above her burnished…

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1930s Fashion – A Study in Accessories

Leila Hyams shows us her daily outfits – Feb 1932 The Afternoon Suit A pretty blonde – out for the afternoon in the correct clothes! “There’s nothing nicer than a dressy 1930s suit,” says Leila Hyams. Hers has wide fox fur elbow-cuffs, and she wears with it a drooping- brimmed hat. Very fetching. Note the accessories Leila has chosen to compliment…

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1930s Fashion Spotlight – Tala Birell

Two vintage outfits for the Tall Slim Girl – Nov 1932 – If you are a small girl with a retrousse nose, well and good. You’ll find plenty of stars are of that description and their clothes ideas will help you out. But if you have a tall graceful figure, oval shape and well defined features you may have more…

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