Hollywood Beauty School – Change your Coiffure

Change your hairstyle regularly, says Hollywood – 1930s Hairstyle Report from Carolyn Van Wyck There are two schools of thought on the hair question. One holds to the idea that once you have developed a characteristic coiffure, you should hold on to it for dear life. The modern theory is for constant change. This gets my vote every time. With…

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Hollywood Beauty School – Christmas 1934

All the stars beauty tricks for this December – 1930s beauty report by Carolyn Van Wyck. Going to the movies is a pretty good way to pick up some make-up tips. And the chapter on first glances is important at this time because so many girls are embarking on new episodes. Hollywood likes to give that make-up touch or encourage…

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Max Factor’s School of Make-up 1934.

Hollywood beauty guru shares secrets – “Do you know”, asks Max Factor ” that you can change the very contour of your face?” That isn’t an idle dream. It’s a fact. All you have to do is to learn a few elementary principles of art. So – step into school girls. Let’s do what the artist would do if you…

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1930’s Inspired Bridal Hair and Makeup

Be a 1930’s Bride on your big day – 1930s Fashion report – by Cassie Brewer – Makeup Artist If you’re thinking of channeling your inner 1930’s starlet for your big day–Jean Harlow, Bette Davis, Mae West, and Carole Lombard–you’ve come to the right place. The iconic and attainable looks of these women–a mixture of soft features, pencil-thin brows, and a deep-red…

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Indian Summers challenges Downton Abbey

Lush new 1930s drama gets off to a good start – As a committed fan of Downton Abbey, its soap like plot, endearing characters and of course the costumes, Glamourdaze waited with interest for Channel 4’s new tv drama starring Julie Walters and Roshan Seth begins in the dying days of the British Raj in colonial India of 1932. And…

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Tia Semer’s – How to Pin and Roller Curl a 1930s Hairstyle

Vintage 1930s Hairstyle Tutorial – Glamourdaze’s Tia Semer demonstrates how to achieve an authentic 1930s hairstyle for girls with long hair.

1930’s Fashion – Hollywood Beauty Tricks 2

Carolyn Van Wycks Hollywood Beauty Shop – brings us the makeup and hair tricks of the stars –  June 1932 –   Hollywood Hair Tricks Marguerite Churchill is showing you how you may have those soft, feathery forehead curls at will and in just about two minutes time. For sports and tailored occasions this soft hair is combed in with…

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1930’s Fashion – Hollywood Beauty Tricks 1

The Hollywood Beauty Shop – by Carolyn Von Wyck. The latest 1930s makeup and hairstyle tricks of the stars from June 1932. Florine McKinney, exponent of brushing the hair for beauty, shows you the proper brush to use. The left brush has deep, flexible bristles that will penetrate the hair, cleanse it, polish it. A plain wooden back is more…

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street fashions filmed in the 1930s

Time Shift – Street Styles in 1939 -New footage !

American women from South Dakota, way back in 1939, show they can match any New Yorker for style! Time Shift – Women’s Street Styles filmed in 1939. The theater projectionist was well known for his ‘local films’ taken in all seasons of the local citizens going about their daily lives. The films were shown at the local Strand cinema and…

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1930s-fashion---street-styles-on-film -ivan besse

Street fashion in the 1930’s – Archive film

The 1930’s Sartorialist – Ivan Besse. Did New York’s Scott Schuman – better known as The sartorialist – perfect the art of time travel? This rare film showing the vintage dress and hairstyles of ordinary women on the street in the 1930’s certainly qualifies as a sartorial. Filmed by Ivan Besse in the small South Dakota town of Britton in…

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