Max Factor – Beauty Advice to Wampas Stars

Hollywood hopefuls beauty tricks – Romance these days depends pretty much on a girl’s ability to use the right cosmetics! She captures the imagination with her eye shadow, holds it with her lipstick. To that, the Wampas Baby stars for 1934 chorus “Yes!” You’ll see them in Kiss and Make-up 1934, starring Cary Grant and Genevieve Tobin, and are ready…

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Adrian – The American Woman’s Designer

Advice from a Hollywood Costume genius – As the first thrilling bars of music herald the latest Greta Garbo, Joan Crawford or Norma Shearer picture, you will notice, as the presentation unreels the simple credit – “Gowns by Adrian.” That is your cue to sit taut in your seat and strain all faculties for what you and you and you…

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1930s Fashion – Hollywood Bridal Costumes

Here Comes the Bride – Left: For the very youthful bride Mary Brian offers a likely combination of souffle, lace and apple blossoms. The frock, which is delightfully jeune fille, is a piece of delicate workmanship, merging silken lace and cream souffle, into graceful lines. The veil is a shower of souffle, utilizing a band of cream satin to form…

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Clara Bow’s Boudoir in 1930

A sneak peek inside the boudoir of a screen legend – In true Hollywood fashion, Clara Bows boudoir oozes with femininity.The silent movie “It Girl” star, wearing a gorgeous pair of silk and lace embroidered pajamas, poses in her private boudoir in 1930. Miss Clara Bow relaxes on her bed, which is raised on a dais and covered with a…

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Ode to the Sweater – Part Deux

More Free Patterns and more sweaters – Free to download – a classic 1939 sailor jumper pattern; a must-have for the summer ! The pattern is called Chic Ahoy – a jumper with a nautical air . Just click on image or link to download the pdf to your device. This one comes via Vintage Pattern Files, originally uploaded by…

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Royal Vintage Shoes

Not Your Everyday Thrift Store Find – By Alexandria Cannito for Glamourdaze For many women it’s important to show off an outfit with a perfect pair of vintage style shoes that not only turns heads, but is unique in its own right. So whether you’re hunting for 1920s flapper shoes, or 1930s style shoes or 1940s shoe styles, some opt to…

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1940s Fashion – The Hattie Carnegie Story

Profile of an American Fashion Icon 1945 – With a “look”, a little suit and a knowledge of all the angles, Hattie Carnegie has risen from poverty to be absolute boss of a $6,500,000 dress business. Nobody has ever been able to define style to the satisfaction of anybody else. It might be called a means of expression; one of the…

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1930s Fashion – Vogue Summer Pattern Book

Coolly and Colorfully yours – June-July 1936 – June-July Evening Dresses 1936 We thought of Saturday night dances and twilight roof-garden dining when we chose these deliciously simple summer evening dresses. Haven’t they the Vogue look about them – in their clear cut lines, and their new fashion points? First we must tell you about that luscious blue shade. None…

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1930s Swimwear Fashion Report

Hollywood by the Sea July 1934 – 1930’s fashion report Left:Alice Faye,managed to get a nice suntan and the contrast of her skin with her white beach outfit is striking. Her rubber suit and terry-cloth cape are trimmed in green to match her straw hat. Right:Apparently Carole Lombard teases Old Man Sun to do his stuff by wearing this daring…

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Decade-by-Decade Vintage Fashion Looks

Get the look from the 1920s to the 1970s – Whether you’re a vintage clothing fan or just love retro styles, it’s always fun to take a bit from the past and incorporate it into your wardrobe. Each decade had iconic styles from the well-tailored looks of the 30s all the way to flamboyant outfits of the 70s. With an…

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