Dressing Carole Lombard by Travis Banton

Inside Story of a Hollywood Costume Designer – Part Two of the Inside Story from the great Hollywood costume designer Travis Banton and how he helped some of Tinseltown’s’ most glamorous women find their style, and more so, influence fashion trends across the globe.  In 1936, Travis Banton revealed to the movie going public some of the trials, tribulations and triumphs…

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1930s Fashion – Summer Styles Hollywood 1931

1930s Movie Style Inspiration – Perhaps you have been doing it for years – perhaps it is a new thought. But don’t you find that animated fashion tips from the screen put a new zest into your shopping routine? There is something about seeing a costume in action that dramatizes the details. You want so badly to wear that frock,…

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Marlene Dietrich 1930---Travis-Banton

Travis Banton – When Fashion Made Hollywood

Inside Story of  a Costume Designer – by Judy Lang Hunt. Reminisces from one of the great Hollywood fashion gurus Travis Banton and how he helped some of Tinseltown’s’ most glamorous women find their style, and more so, influence fashion trends across the globe. Way back in 1925, I started harassing Travis Banton for this confession of his fitting room secrets….

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Adrian – The American Woman’s Designer

Advice from a Hollywood Costume genius – As the first thrilling bars of music herald the latest Greta Garbo, Joan Crawford or Norma Shearer picture, you will notice, as the presentation unreels the simple credit – “Gowns by Adrian.” That is your cue to sit taut in your seat and strain all faculties for what you and you and you…

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1930s Fashion – Hollywood Bridal Costumes

Here Comes the Bride – Left: For the very youthful bride Mary Brian offers a likely combination of souffle, lace and apple blossoms. The frock, which is delightfully jeune fille, is a piece of delicate workmanship, merging silken lace and cream souffle, into graceful lines. The veil is a shower of souffle, utilizing a band of cream satin to form…

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1940s Fashion – The Hattie Carnegie Story

Profile of an American Fashion Icon 1945 – With a “look”, a little suit and a knowledge of all the angles, Hattie Carnegie has risen from poverty to be absolute boss of a $6,500,000 dress business. Nobody has ever been able to define style to the satisfaction of anybody else. It might be called a means of expression; one of the…

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1930s Fashion – Vogue Summer Pattern Book

Coolly and Colorfully yours – June-July 1936 – June-July Evening Dresses 1936 We thought of Saturday night dances and twilight roof-garden dining when we chose these deliciously simple summer evening dresses. Haven’t they the Vogue look about them – in their clear cut lines, and their new fashion points? First we must tell you about that luscious blue shade. None…

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1940s Fashion Forecast – Hairstyles to Swimsuits

New York Worlds Fair 1939 – Our final look through the collection of fashion photos taken in the Fall of 1939 at the New York Worlds Fair.The 1930s was now paving the way to a 1940’s style of shorter hems, pleated skirts, boxy suits, updo hairstyles, and a more pronounced and confident make-up look. That’s all ! ©Glamourdaze 2017 Images…

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1930s Fashion – The Art of Color in Dress

Style Advice for the vintage enthusiast – The Mode in Dress and Home, by Dulcie Godlove Donovan ( I love that name !) was published in 1935 and can be found on the Prelinger Library at Archive.org. It was a textbook for secondary schools with the aim of giving young women an understanding of aesthetic and social development. I’ve picked…

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1930s Spring Fashion from Hollywood

1936 April styles feature – Joan Crawford shows you a hat in blue suede, in a delicate light shade, Joan’s favorite. The band is navy blue. The hat is from John Fredericks, at which shop she bought more than thirty items. A tailored suit designed by Irene for Joan Crawford, is of black and white check. Notice the flap which…

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