Exciting Fashion Report from Paris 1921 – A new dawn !

Women’s Paris Fashion Report from 1921 This 1920s women’s fashion report is written by Mary Brush Williams for the Ladies Home Journal. Her name is on every lip and her gowns are on almost every fashionable woman of Paris. Vionnet ! It’s such a pretty name to say. “I am going to get one of her dresses”, I one day…

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The Cloche Hat – The design, the colors and how to wear

The Cloche Hat – The design, the colors and how to wear Cloche Hat design and material The standout feature of women’s millinery in the 1920s was to frame the face, often hide it, either with narrow or wide brims. Angelina Jolie remarked on how wearing the cloche hats in the movie The Changeling, was good for ‘ helping me…

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1920’s Dress Fashion – The Rise and Fall of the Flapper

The Iconic 1920s Woman – Where did the 1920s Flapper come from and where on Earth did she go? In 1929, a famous New York Times article by Mildred Adams declared ‘ The Death of the Flapper’ and in many ways, her declaration was true. ” Time had once again caught up with women’s liberation in fashion. The hems of…

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Vintage Hats – Made to order !

If you are looking for high quality millinery with consummate attention to every detail then mark Gail’s shop as a part of your shopping experience. She is always busy adding new designs to her shop so stop by often. If you have questions she will surely try to help you with the answer. Gail sells ready to wear and custom…

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The Cloche Hat

The Cloche Hat The french word for ‘bell’, the Cloche was reputed to have been invented by the famous ‘ queen of the milliners’ Caroline Reboux. She operated her shop at 9, avenue Matignon, Paris from the 1860s and became the most sought after of milliners in the early days of Haute couture.Among her clients was Marlene Dietrich, who made…

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1920’s Women’s Fashion Revisited

Rare 1920s Color Fashion Film – This rare 1920’s fashion archive color film found by archivist Murray Glass  features some stunning 1920’s dress styles from the spring of 1928. Here it is again with a breakdown of each item of clothing as worn by some well know women of the late 1920’s. Read  our exclusive interview with Murray Glass For…

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Beautiful Flappers – Colour fashion film 1920’s

Beautiful Flapper Dress and Hat fashions – in glorious color It’s a beautiful color film of 1920’s fashion, dress and hat styles.A rare find.For the full definitive guides to 1920s women’s dress fashion and beauty. Visit 1920s fashion – Women’s Dress and Style and also 1920s Dress fashion – The Rise and Fall of the Flapper.