Monsieur Antoine – Paris Hair Stylist 1927

Tips from Top Parisian hairdresser – 1920s hairstyle report by Agnes Smith. It isn’t Mr Antoine, nor yet Monsieur Antoine. It’s just Antoine. And that is fame ! Monsieur Antoine – the inventor of “The Shingle” is one of the reasons why girls leave home to go to Paris. the other reason, of course, is to get a divorce! In…

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Iconic 1920s Hairstyle – The Pringle Shingle

Aileen Pringle‘s Mannish Bob in 1925 – Who would have thought, when bobbed hair first came into vogue, that there would be so many variations of it? The mere conventional 1920’s bob was thought dreadfully extreme. But what would have been said if the Shingle haircut of today could have been seen, particularly the closely clipped variety. To all intent and…

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1920s Hairstyles – The Bob to Suit Your Type

Match to your type, these 1920’s bobbed hair styles worn by top Hollywood actresses like Louise Brooks, Clara Bow, Myrna Loy and Leatrice Joy The Short Bob cut With so many wide variations of bobbed hair to choose from, a girl has a hard time these days deciding just what particular style suits her best. A study of 1920’s bob haircuts worn…

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The 15 Minute Miracle Egg Shampoo – 1929

Illustrated 1920s hairstyle tips – 1920s hairstyle report by Ann Boyd Many women prefer to wash their own hair, especially when they are traveling or away on vacation. In shampooing the hair, it is important to remember that hair should not be washed too often. Once every two weeks is the best practice to adopt. Many women also neglect regular…

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1920s Hairstyles – New Bobbed Hairstyles for 1925

The New Short Bob Hairstyles from Hollywood – 1920s hairstyle report from 1925 Who said bobbed hair lacks variety? Not the movie stars. Merrily they bob and bewilder. Esther Ralston’s newest cut is trimmed out underneath, slicked flat and softly curled. Pola Negri’s “orchid bob” bloomed and faded – fortunately. Now she wears a loosely coiled rope of hair about…

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1920’s Hairstyles for Long Hair – Chignon Tutorial

1920’s Psyche Knot Chignon Tutorial – By Talia Felix.2013 – Blogger and author of Gibson Girls Guide to Glamour Not every woman bobbed her hair short in the early 1920’s. Many women still wore long hair like they had done many years before. A style that became very popular during this period was a very sleek look with an elongated…

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Mary-Thurman - the-iconic-1920s-Dutch-bob-cut

The Dutch Bob – Origin of an Iconic 1920’s Hairstyle

Mary Thurman and her Dutch Bob haircut Louise Brooks and Colleen Moore often get the credit – but it was actress Mary Thurman who first created hairstyle “waves” with her ultra modern straight short bob hairstyle in the early months of the new decade. Her bob – also known as the Dutch bob, is an iconic 1920’s hairstyle associated with…

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1920’s Bob – The Hairstyle Phenomenon of 1924

To bob or not to bob in 1924 – The 1920s bob haircut craze of 1924 takes Hollywood by storm. The 12 Classic bobs.To bob or not to bob. Which actresses bobbed their hair.An exclusive interview with Colleen Moore, whose famous Dutch bob caused a worldwide rage. We also get the opinions of many other top Hollywood actresses on the…

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6 Simple Hair & Makeup Tips – Hollywood Studio Style in 1926

1920s Beauty Lesson with actress Thelma Todd – Before she was famous – and blonde – Paramount acting students Thelma Todd along with Mona Palma demonstrate for – the basic 1920s makeup and hair tips every Hollywood bound girl should know. Back to March 1926 we go ….. #1920s Beauty Tip1 To apply lip rouge so that it will…

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1920s Hairstyles – Colleen Moore changes her Coiffure in 1929

Colleen’s in search for a daring new hairstyle – Carolyn Van Wycks reports from New York – Its 1929 and after Colleen Moore completes first stage play “On the Loose” she plans to change her 1920s hairstyle dramatically to herald in the 1930s! And what an adventure this will be for Colleen, whose Dutch Cut has endured for many years…

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