Colleen Moore on being a Flapper 1922

Hollywood actress says Flappers here to stay ! – by Gladys Hall – Chicago Daily News. “What normal healthy girl doesn’t like to be both smart and naughty !” Colleen Moore 1922 One day, not so very long ago, Colleen Moore and I had lunch together. I don’t suppose I ever met anybody so enthusiastic as Colleen. Even about the…

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1920s Women in Autochrome Lumiere Color

1920s Women in Autochrome Color

Rare unseen photographs of 1920s fashion – There are only a few really good color fashion photos from the late 1920s. Back in 2011 we featured some amazing color photographs of 1920s women in mostly rural or village settings by Clifton R Adams, and it’s hard to get away from these charming photos shot in Autochrome Lumière. Other photographers featured here…

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The Power of Pink

The allure of pink over the fashion eras – Up to that fateful day in Dallas, November 1963, Jackie Kennedy had worn her soon to be iconic pink Chanel suit six times. Captured in endless blood stained photographs and moving images as the tragic day unfolded, the suit is now being held in the National Archive under strict family instructions…

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A Short History of Women’s Dress Sizes

Ever wondered why a size 12 is called a size 12?  – Kass McGann of Reconstructing Explains – Dress sizing is certainly confusing!  I mean, a man’s jacket size 42 fits a man with a chest measurement of 42″.  Jeans sized 36/32 fit a waist of 36″ and an inseam of 32″.  But what measurement on a woman’s body…

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Screen Debut of the Little Black Dress 1927

IT Girl Clara Bow launches an iconic dress – It’s commonly accepted that the little black dress made it’s first appearance via Paris designer Coco Chanel in French Vogue 1926. It was listed as Chanel’s Ford Dress (named after black Model T Ford car). It was a simple sketch of a black crepe de chine day frock with a bodice which…

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Three Evening Frocks – Margaret Livingston 1926

Gamine or Robe de Style Evening dresses – Margaret Livingston is truly a city girl. Someone whose personality reflects the shimmering lure of silk, the subtle enticement of style. Dress1. The ever changing modes of fashion have glorified many types of figure over the years, but this year – the short skirt ( left) the enhancing a slim youthful figure…

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Threads of Time – Color Portal to 1920s Womens Style

1920s Fashion Recorded and Styled – A Photographic essay of Women’s fashion – 1920 to 1930 A project that is 60 years in the making began with renowned fashion photographer Neal Barr’s personal and lifelong obsession with women’s apparel from the Roaring 20s and his plan to stage and photograph, in meticulous detail and full color, a fashion display that…

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1920s Fashion – Hollywood Summer Dresses 1929

1920s Fashion Predictions for Hollywood – Summer 1929 –   With the Wall Street Crash just around the corner, it was all sweetness and light in California. Some of Hollywoods most glamorous stars model their chosen wardrobe for the coming season. Carolyn Van Wycks reports for Glamourdaze from May 1929. In color, line and design, Hollywood fashion offers its creative genius…

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1920s Fashion – Hollywood Spring Wardrobe in 1929

Time capsule 1920’s fashion feature from April 1929 – Katherine Albert reports for Women the world over are now copying the styles set by today’s stars. Hollywood is giving Paris a run for its money. In this 1920s fashion report you will see the latest frocks,hats, sportswear, afternoon-wear and footwear of the stars. The studio designers go to Paris…

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Cannes – The French Summer Fashion Capital in 1920s

‘Modes of the Moment’ Fashion Report -March 1923- 1920s Fashion Report – Designs by Edward Molyneux, Beer, Jacques Doucet, Premet, Georges Doeuillet and Jenny. La Garconne look reigns supreme. “PARISIAN dressmakers are to be pitied! The foreign buyers tell them that they are short of ‘new’ ideas, and that they have been playing with variations on the same air…

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