1910s Fashion – Parisian Lingerie in 1916

Parisian Lingerie during the First World War – An early silent fashion film newsreel from Pathe offered British women a diversion from the grim reality of wartime and factory working. This “Cle” butterfly boudoir cap of old lace becomingly frames this young Parisienne’s face! Here she is modelling in her full boudoir lingerie, almost an Ernst Kirchner girl come to…

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Fashion in 1910 – A Womans Complete Winter Wardrobe.

A 1910 Review of the complete wardrobe for the fashionable woman for Autumn and Winter – Originally published by the Salt Lake Tribune – Sunday Sept 11th 1910. The Fashion Dictates in Suits and Gowns – by Joan Greenshields. The cult of the tailor made suit has increased by leaps and bounds this past few seasons. There is nothing more…

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A Brief History of the Bra – 1910 to the 1990’s

The history of the bra is inextricably linked with the social status of women, the changes in fashion, and the evolving attitudes toward the female body. This is a short visual history of the modern bra from 1910 to the 1990’s. A Brief History of the Bra Video Watch the full Brief History of the Brassiere Video. Herminie Cadolle, a…

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