Past becomes Present in Colorized Photographs

The Art of Colorist Olga Shirnina – There are many apps these days which claim to colorize, with a click of a button, your old black & white photographs, but these compare poorly to the work of a real artist. I’ve seen many good colorists over the years, but none compare to the artistry of Russian woman Olga Shirnina, who…

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1915 Beauty Exercises for the Bust

WW1 Era girls sing to improve bust – Many women write and ask: “How shall I develop my throat and bust?” There is one simple exercise that, taken together with deep breathing, will, if persisted in, give any woman who is not in delicate health a fine throat and bust. Miss Irene Hough kindly consented to pose with her hands…

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Paris Fashion during First World War

Parisian women herald new style in 1915 – This beautifully illustrated booklet was shown at the Panama Pacific international exposition in San Francisco in 1915. The big names in 1910’s Paris fashion are Lanvin, Callot, Paquin, Beer and Doeuillet. The 1915 Paris Mode can be seen in full on the Internet Archive. It would be a great mistake to suppose…

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1910s Fashion – Parisian Lingerie in 1916

Parisian Lingerie during the First World War – An early silent fashion film newsreel from Pathe offered British women a diversion from the grim reality of wartime and factory working. This “Cle” butterfly boudoir cap of old lace becomingly frames this young Parisienne’s face! Here she is modelling in her full boudoir lingerie, almost an Ernst Kirchner girl come to…

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140 Years of Parisian Cafe Culture

Carousel Film Tribute to Paris – Anaïs Nin -“Paris intimate like a room.” Stills and Stories and a video tribute to Paris. Carousel – 140 Years of Parisian Cafe Culture – 1877 to 2015 Think of France, and you think of Parisian cafe’s, the Belle Epoch era, the paintings of Edouard Manet, Edgar Degas and Renoir, who first evoked into image…

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Deauville – The Town where Fashion went on Holiday

The Parisian Riviera in photographs – 1910 to 1940 F.Scott. Fitzgerald mentioned Deauville in “The Great Gatsby” as a place Tom Buchanan and Daisy visited on their honeymoon. It is the birthplace of Chanel’s career in fashion. It’s proximity to Paris made it the go to resort for French high society. In 1913 Coco Chanel opened her first salon here…

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100 + Years of College Girl Fashion

A photographic trip back through time – College girl fashions are an often overlooked source of both style and female trends.Whether they start in the schools or have been adopted over the years from fashion periodicals, young women heading to college in 2015 may well be putting as much effort in to their style and attitude as they will be…

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Robes et Femmes – 1913 Satirical Fashion Book

Art Nouveau  Fashion Illustrator Enrico Sacchetti –   Thanks to the Smithsonian digital archivists for uploading and preserving this delightful hand stencilled or “pochoir” Art Nouveau book of fashion illustrations by the little known Roman cartoonist Enrico Sacchetti. Remembered more for his sarcastic cartoon depictions of World War One, what makes this book unique in my mind are the satirical…

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1910 Fashion Images – Les Createurs de la Mode

Photographs from Paris fashion houses in 1910 – Time Travel back to March 1910 – as the ladies of society from Paris, London and New York pay their annual pilgrimage to the fashion salons of Paris to choose the coming seasons wardrobes. These beautiful images from Les Createurs de la Mode bring back to life the women who both made…

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1910s Fashion – The World’s First Fashion Photo shoot.

April 1911 saw the first cited 20th Century fashion photo shoot – and some of it in color! – Fashion History from – 1910s Fashion – The World’s First Fashion Photo shoot. The Spring collection from the then hugely famous Paul Poiret was published by the French magazine “Art et Decoration” in an article called L’Art de la Robe (…

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