Edwardian Guide to Makeup and Hairstyles

Edwardian Lady’s Advice on Beauty and Hair Edwardian Makeup and Hair advice from 1905. Hiding freckles, applying rouge, bleaching skin, pompadour hairstyles and more. Complexion A beautiful complexion is the most desirable possession, a joy to every eye which sees it, and a suggestion of health as well as of fairness. Its value is so great that in all times…

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Easy Edwardian Hairstyle in 10 Minutes

 Pompadour with Psyche knot –  in 8 Steps! – Do you have long hair?  Fancy a Downton Abbey Look? Then you can quickly create a classic Edwardian hairstyle look from this rare little pictorial hairstyle guide for women found in Girls Own 1911. Note: The illustrations show the right side of this young woman’s hair being pinned into place. The…

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1900’s Fashion – Edwardian Summer Gowns 1905

Vintage Fashion Reviews – Edwardian Summer Gowns 1905. The 1905 issue of the Los Angeles Herald reviews the latest in evening gowns for those soft summer nights. Pointed, Square and Round decolletage. Elbow sleeves with ruffles are the latest decree in women’s 1905 summer fashions. There is always something most attractive about the fashions for summer gowns, especially those intended…

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Edwardian Beauty – 1908 Face Massager.

Edwardian Beauty – 1908 Face Massager. The Edwardian fashion era saw the phenomenon of ‘beauty science’ taking hold, with patent after patent promising women eternal youth. This product – a face massager -courtesy of the Museum of London was invented by a Doctor John Wilson in 1908 or thereabouts. It promised to reduce wrinkles and double chins. Some things have…

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Edwardian Era – The age old tale of Women’s Fashion and Male patience.

The Finishing Touch. An Everyday tale of Edwardian Fashion and male patience. 1903 cartoon from The Times Dispatch in 1903 poked fun at that age old male issue of waiting for a woman to ‘get ready’ before going out. Image courtesy of The Library of Congress. Enjoy! Click to Enlarge:  

The Real Gibson Girls

The Real Gibson Girls The real women who served as muses to Charles Dana Gibson – the illustrator who created the iconic Gibson Girls of the 1900’s Charles Dana’s Gibson’s pen and ink illustrations of what was to become known as The Gibson Girl  first appeared in Harper’s Weekly in the 1890’s. Combining a tall and slender figure with an…

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Edwardian Outfit a Sensation at 1906 Murder trial

In 1906 – Model Evelyn Nesbitt causes a stir at her husbands murder trial – with her outfit! Evelyn Nesbitt – one of the 20th Century’s first style icons was a young model /actress thrust into the limelight in New York when her name was involved in the infamous murder of Stanford White, a respected architect in 1906.  He was…

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Edwardian 1900s Street Fashion Images - by Edward Linley Sambourne

Edward Linley Sambourne – Edwardian Street Style 1906

These poignant photos by Edward Linley Sambourne of Edwardian women, taken in London and Paris in 1906, captures the Edwardian street style of a forgotten age. A wonderful set of fashion images found via Retronaut from The Library Time Machine,  the Kensington Library blog curated by Dave Walker. A leading Punch cartoonist at the time – no doubt Linley Sambourne…

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The Gibson Girl Look – Myth or Reality

The Gibson Girl, the idealized Edwardian pin up illustrations of Charles Dana Gibson cemented the Edwardian style myth of nipped waists. The Gibson Girl Look – Edwardian Style myth Gibson Girls became the first 20th century standard of female beauty and style, named after Charles Dana Gibson, a Life Magazine illustrator. His fanciful illustrations inadvertently created a new idealized style…

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Victorian Women – One Amazing Photo of two great female artists

Margaret and Francis Macdonald –   Photo of Margaret and Francis taken by Charles Mackintosh 1894 These two remarkable sisters were highly regarded artists of their day and were the bright young things of their time ! Margaret was married to the famous Charles Rennie Mackintosh, a member of the Glasgow ‘ Immortals’ in the late 19th century, and her decorative…

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