Past becomes Present in Colorized Photographs

The Art of Colorist Olga Shirnina – Color Restored Vintage Fashion There are many apps these days which claim to colorize, with a click of a button, your old black & white photographs, but these compare poorly to the work of a real artist. I’ve seen many good colorists over the years, but none compare to the artistry of Russian…

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A Short History of Women’s Dress Sizes

Ever wondered why a size 12 is called a size 12?  – Kass McGann of Reconstructing Explains – Dress sizing is certainly confusing!  I mean, a man’s jacket size 42 fits a man with a chest measurement of 42″.  Jeans sized 36/32 fit a waist of 36″ and an inseam of 32″.  But what measurement on a woman’s body…

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Amazing Street Style captured in Joyce’s Dublin 1904

Rare photos of pre-1916 Rising Edwardian Ireland – Medical student J.J. Clarke took these photographs in Dublin between 1897 and 1904. Visit the National Library of Ireland online to view the original source files. Unlike the usual studio portraits of the period, these photographs seem almost modern, with the young photographer concentrating on people in motion, going about their day,…

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Birth of Art Deco Fashion – Cartoonist Leonetto Gappiello

 Booklet of cartoons of leading French actresses in 1900 – Leonetto Gappiello from Italy and based in Paris is considered to be the father of the 20th Century Art Deco Poster. He succeeded lithographers like Toulouse-Lautrec, Jules Cheret, and Alphonse Mucha to become the leading advertising poster designer in 1900’s Paris. His technnique moved away from the more stylised Art…

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The Real Gibson Girls

The Real Gibson Girls The women who served as muses to Charles Dana Gibson – the illustrator who created the iconic Gibson Girl. Charles Dana’s Gibson’s pen and ink illustrations of what was to become known as The Gibson Girl  first appeared in Harper’s Weekly in the 1890’s. Combining a tall and slender figure with an ample bosom and hips…

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Edwardian Outfit a Sensation at 1906 Murder trial

In 1906 – Model Evelyn Nesbitt causes a stir at her husbands murder trial – with her outfit! Evelyn Nesbitt – one of the 20th Century’s first style icons was a young model /actress thrust into the limelight in New York when her name was involved in the infamous murder of Stanford White, a respected architect in 1906.  He was…

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Edwardian 1900s Street Fashion Images - by Edward Linley Sambourne

Lost Images of London and Paris Street fashions in 1906 .

Lost photographs of Edwardian London and Paris Street fashions in 1906 . by Edward Linley Sambourne – The Edwardian Sartorialist A wonderful set of fashion images found via Retronaut from The Library Time Machine,  the Kensington Library blog curated by Dave Walker. A leading Punch cartoonist at the time – no doubt Linley Sambourne took photos to help him with…

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Victorian Women – One Amazing Photo of two great female artists

Margaret and Francis Macdonald –   Photo of Margaret and Francis taken by Charles Mackintosh 1894 These two remarkable sisters were highly regarded artists of their day and were the bright young things of their time ! Margaret was married to the famous Charles Rennie Mackintosh, a member of the Glasgow ‘ Immortals’ in the late 19th century, and her decorative…

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