1930 Beauty Shop – Rouging the Lips

Hollywood gals show their current lip rouging techniques in June 1930 – 1930s Lipstick tricks –  Carolyn Van Wycks’s Beauty Shop from June 1930 Anita Page – scorns the use of tricky beauty aids in making up her lips, but screen loses nothing, as Anita has one of the most beautiful mouths in Hollywood we say! Raquel Torres – takes…

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1930’s Swimwear of the Stars !

Glamourdaze reviews the latest styles for summer 1933- Besides having hair that’s the envy of all the other girls in Hollywood, Ginger Rogers has a bathing suit that can be seen from one end of Maliby to the other. Why shouldn’t she look happy? And Joan Blondell says nobody’s going to get more Vitamin D this summer than she is….

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1930s Beauty Tips – Claudette Colbert in 1933

Claudette Colbert tells How to be Beautiful in Spite of Your Face ! Carolyn Van Wycks 1930’s Beauty Shop – The actress who reputedly insisted that she be filmed on only one side – her pretty side – revealed herself to be a very amusing deprecating woman to Carolyn Van Wycks in 1933 and explained that while ” everything is…

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1930s Fashion – Hollywood bids farewell to the Short Skirt

Skirt hems drop dramatically in January 1930 – What did Hollywood most glamorous women think of the new longer skirt fashion of 1930 which heralded the beginning of the austere era? Photoplay Reporter Lois Shirley reports for Glamourdaze and shares the opinions of nine of the outstanding women of the screen – Gloria Swanson, Joan Crawford, Clara Bow, Nancy Carroll,…

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1930s Fashion and Beauty – Makeup Tips for Eyes and Lips

Actress Ann Sothern with some 1930s beauty tricks for your eyes and lips – Try these tricks, then decide how you want to wear your eyebrows and lip rouge this season. Experiment before plucking your brows; pencil on different shapes as the lovely Ann Sothern has. When you decide which fits your face best, pluck your brows. Experiment with your…

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1940’s Bombshell Hair and Make-up Looks to try from 1942

1940’s Hair and Make-up Secrets for your Face Type – Over on Vintage Make-up Guide.com – 1940s Modern Screen beauty expert Carol Carter shows you how to match your given face with a glamorous Hollywood star in make-up and hairstyle. Simple hairstyle and make-up tips for your particular face type. If you have a square face like Gene Tierney or…

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1930s Beauty and Style – Hollywood Eyes

Compare your eyes to Hollywood’s most glamorous –   Its 1933 and Photoplay has asked artist Willy Pogany to reveal the inner selves of several screen starlets just by looking at their eyes.”Your eyes are telling on you!” says Pogany ” Not only by their expression – but for their shape. This is often determined by her choice of 1930s…

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Toby Wing - 1930s Beauty Secrets2

1930s’s Beauty Lesson – How Movie Stars keep young

Never before told beauty secrets from Hollywood in 1934 – They’ve got to “keep young and beautiful” if they want to be stars – and here’s the way they do it. Dorothy Spensley reports for Glamourdaze. HOLLYWOOD is America’s Fountain of Youth – the place where men and women alike have discovered the secret to eternal youth – where advancing…

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1920s Fashion – Hollywood Summer Dresses 1929

1920s Fashion Predictions for Hollywood – Summer 1929 –   With the Wall Street Crash just around the corner, it was all sweetness and light in California. Some of Hollywoods most glamorous stars model their chosen wardrobe for the coming season. Carolyn Van Wycks reports for Glamourdaze from May 1929. In color, line and design, Hollywood fashion offers its creative genius…

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Besame Cosmetics Make-up History – 1930s Air Stewardesses

More Vintage Make-up History from Gabriela Hernandez – author of Classic Beauty – A 1938 Air Hostess has her make-up done Flying is not all a matter of machinery and weather reports, as would-be air hostesses for transcontinental airliners learn in their specialized training schools. Even lessons in “flight make-up” are a part of their varied curriculum, and one of…

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