Six Fall Fashion Looks of 1960

Six popular 1960’s Fall Fashion Looks to Copy

As the new decade of the 1960’s came in, the full skirts of the 50’s were replaced by a newer gamine look. Culottes, Capri pants and slim skirts worn with chic Trench coats and low heels. Let’s look at six popular 1960’s fall fashion looks , namely Culottes, a belted jumper, cover-up blouses, trench coats. a cover all look and…

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Fall makeup 1950s - Kim Novak

1950s Fall Makeup – Three Hollywood Stars 1959

1950s fall makeup looks of Kim Novak, Debbie Reynolds and Sandra Dee. The Fresh Look, the romantic look and the kookie look. The 1950’s makeup look straight from Hollywood. “Every woman can be beautiful”. That’s what Richard Smith, 20th Century Fox make-up artist says.“If she has patience with her makeup and learns to stress her best feature.” “The stars learn…

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1950s Vintage Fashion Glamour Gaffes

Glamour gaffes – How Not to be glamorous in 1959 Are you guilty of any of these glamour gaffes? Fill out this check list from 1959 and see how you score. Biting your lips. Did you realize you did it? Picking at your nails. Nervous? Don’t show it. Biting your nails. Try wearing gloves till you can stop. Crossed ankles….

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Beautiful 1940's Swimsuit Legs of Hollywood - Esther Williams, Jane Powell and Liz Taylor

Beautiful 1940’s Swimsuit Legs of Hollywood

Beautiful legs belonging to famous 1940’s Hollywood faces. Get a good legs workout before donning your favorite 1940’s swimsuits Summer with its bare-legged sun and fun clothes makes us suddenly conscious of our leg beauty, or the lack of it. We realize that for months we’ve devoted all of our care to our face, hair and hands. Our legs on…

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Top Summer Dresses from 1940 to be Seen In the USA

Summer Dresses from 1940. A peek at the top 1940’s fashion picks for women in the United States on the eve of WW2 Some Fashionable Summer Dresses to Wear Go to the Zoo looking cute as a cricket in blue-and-white chambray, striped to beat the band, with a starched pique collar. Saks – 34th St, New York. Add to it,…

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Playtex – From Bras to Space Suits on Apollo 11

Apollo 11 space suits designed by bra and girdle manufacturer Playtex and the future of fashion depicted in 2001: A Space Odyssey Future Fashion – Apollo 11 Astronaut Buzz Aldrin This iconic photograph, taken on the moon by Neil Armstrong of his lunar module pilot Buzz Aldrin has style written all over it. Of course in reality, this space suit…

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Vacation Dresses for Summer in 1956

Vacation Dresses for Summer in 1956

1950’s Fashion – Six Vacation Dresses to pack Six Summer vacation dresses to pack in to your suitcase. Get ready for fabulous fun, and head for paradise on the Pacific coast. Left: THE EASY SUIT LOOK. Shirley Jones‘ three part traveler. In sky blue silk wool, flecked with white. It’s crisp shantung blouse matched to jacket lining. Madcaps hat, so…

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1940s Bathing Suits – Flirt with the Sun in 1948

1940s bathing suits 1948. Hollywood stars Cyd Charisse, Barbara Stanwyck and Jane Greer model the latest in 1940s swimsuits by top brands Jantzen and Mabs of Hollywood Beautiful 1940s Bathing Suit Styles to Inspire Marie McDonald has measurements which Hollywood producers, artists and at least one professor of anatomy and physical anthropology rate ideal. Here she sports a Caltex bathing…

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1920s Bathing Suits and Beach Pajamas 1929

1920s bathing suits as modeled by Hollywood stars in 1929, where the summer forecast was always fair and warm weather 1920s Bathing Suits 1929 Every year in the golden age of Hollywood, the most gorgeous bevy of glamour girls could be seen on the pages of Photoplay and Motion Picture, modeling the newest bathing suits Joan Crawford and Anita Page…

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Janet Leigh - Hollywood Hairstyle 1960

Hollywood Hair – Five 1960s Hairstyles to Copy

Hollywood Hair 1960 Which one of these famous 1960s hairdos suits you. Doris Day, Eve Marie Saint, Debbie Reynolds, Janet Leigh and Christine Carere Janet Leigh – Hollywood Hair Janet has one of the most casual, attractive hairdos in Hollywood today. Her hair is cut short in shaggy petals which she sets quickly and easily in rows of pin curls….

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