Easy Victory rolls

How to Do Victory Rolls | 1940’s Pin up Hairstyles

How to do Victory Rolls in minutes. Easy to follow tutorial to help you create one of the iconic 1940’s hairstyles worn by American women in WW2 Easy Victory Rolls Video During WW2, the popular victory roll pin up hairstyle was playfully adopted by many women. The term victory hair was coined by actress Lana Turner. She named her pin…

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teenage girls most FAQ in the 1960's

Questions Most Asked by Teenage Girls in the 1960’s

Seventeen Magazine answers these FAQ’s by teenage girls in the early 1960’s. How to be pretty, how to style yourself. How to be more attractive to boys. Seventeen Magazine was considered every teenage girls best friend. Seventeen’s editor in chief Enid Haupt answers the most commonly asked questions by teenage girls. How to be pretty. What clothes to wear. How…

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Vintage Tips for the Perfect Face

Am I Pretty | Vintage Tips for the Perfect Face

Am I pretty ? Find your own golden ratio for a perfect face by using the rule of thirds. A vintage tutorial by Hollywood makeup artist Ern Westmore. Know your Facial Proportions Aside from knowing your basic face shape, it’s also important for you to know if your features are properly proportioned. Such as the correct distance between your hairline…

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How to be confident and attractive

How to be Confident | Vintage Beauty Guide 1962

How to be confident and attractive by being well composed, and checking those bad habits. Hollywood beauty artist Ern Westmore offers advice. How to be Prettier – Vintage Masterclass Film Visualize yourself as you want to be – a self assured and self confident woman. By simply having a pretend conversation in front of a mirror, you can spot some…

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Work Dresses | What to Wear to Work in the 1970's

Work Dresses | What to Wear to Work in the 1970’s

A 1970’s fashion and style film on what to wear to work. Choose work dresses and outfits which are appropriate to your job. What Dresses Women Wore to Work in the 1970’s 1970’s work dresses. What to wear to work isn’t always on a par with a woman’s own personal style preference. The trick for work dresses is to find…

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Quick & Easy 1940’s Hair Snood Hairstyle

Easy vintage inspired 1940’s hair snood hairstyle.Tia Semer shows us how to easily create this glamorous old Hollywood hair look with bobby pins. How to do a 1940’s Snood Hairstyle Video The snood was popularized in the late 1930’s and early 1940’s by Vivien Leigh in her portrayal as Scarlett O Hara in Gone with the Wind. If you want…

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Gender Stereotyping - Sexism in the 50's

Gender Stereotyping – Sexism in the 50’s

Mad Men era example of gender stereotyping in the 50’s. One man vents his sexism at what he sees as powder room politics during office breaks. Sexism in the 50’s – What Women Do in the Powder Room Glamourdaze’s latest vintage fashion film takes a peek – in glorious color at what women get up in the powder room during…

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Skirt types - 1940's fashion

Six Popular Skirt Types worn by 1940’s Women

Skirt types popular in 1940 as identified by Vogue magazine. Peplum skirt, the flounce skirt, the uneven skirt, tiered skirts, sarong skirt and Harem skirt Peplum Skirt This is the new look for afternoon: a straight-and-narrow line, broken by some kind of witchery in the skirt. Here, it’s a diagonal peplum – a reed slim dress of black rayon crepe….

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Two punk girls at Christmas 1980's

It’s beginning to look a lot like Vintage Christmas

Continuing our seasonal trip through time to Vintage Christmas past with found photos of women at Christmas. The styles, the tinsel and the glamour 1990’s Christmas Photographs The 1990’s, was quite a mixed bag for fashion. A terrible war in Bosnia not withstanding, it was a time of optimism and wealth. The music was great, the styles were getting better…

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Singin' in the Rain makes the 1920's Flapper Style fun

Singin’ in the Rain made 1920’s Flapper Style Fun

Singin’ in the Rain remains not only a masterpiece of cinema, but is an unmatched tribute to 1920’s flapper style. Costumes designed by Walter Plunkett. Singin’ and Dancing in the Rain As one who loathes musicals, I have to admit to having a special place in my heart for this masterpiece of cinema.I defy anyone not to be knocked sideways…

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