1920s Hollywood Diet and Slimming Secrets

The slimming tips of the silent screen stars- Fat! Women’s most dreaded foe. The Hollywood diet was the answer. The deals of femininity have changed. In the past, bulgy curves above and below the wasp-waist were the acceptable shape of woman. Now it’s the gamine boyish figure. Screen actresses adhere to the slimming rule more strictly than anyone else.  If…

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vintage tips for perfect lips

Some Vintage Tips for Perfect Lips

A vintage 1950s lipstick tutorial – Where once a girl resorted to biting her lips to redden them before entering a crowded room, there is now a myriad of choice in glamour when it comes to choosing her lip rouge. Hollywood makeup guru Ern Westmore provided this sterling advice which applies to this day. See the video Vintage Tips for…

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Steps to a Perfect Vintage Makeup Face

Vintage makeup tips every woman should learn What types of makeup foundations are there? Cream rouge over foundation Eye shadow basics you should know Is it necessary to outline the eye for good makeup? What is the best way to apply face powder? How can I make my eyebrows look good naturally? How do you properly apply mascara? Dry rouge…

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Find the Perfect 1920s Flapper Shoe Style to Fit

Royal Vintage Shoes for the Flapper Relive the spirit of the Jazz age and wear the perfect pair of vintage inspired shoes from Royal Vintage Shoes, to match your original vintage or retro style flapper dress. 1920s fashion was art deco style and with the rise in skirt hems, women’s legs finally made their proper debut. To match your pretty…

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1940s Womens Army Corps Fashion

The Uniforms of the WAC – Originally formed in 1942 as the Women’s Auxiliary Army Corps, or WAAC, and later shortened to Womens Army Corp, the WAC uniform went through several stages of development. The most recognizable item of the WACS were their ‘hobby hats’, named after WAAC director Oveta Culp Hobby, the WAC cap had a jaunty visor design,…

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1930s Swimsuit Fashions

Beautiful Vintage Swimsuit Styles from 1936 – Brighten your whole summer with a complete wardrobe of stunning inexpensive 1936 swimsuits from U.S. Waterwear. A. A lovely one-piece with fishnet inserts under the attached skirt. A patented Howland watertight cap in the new herring-bone Krepe-Tex. Gay nautical decoration. B. A two-piece swimsuit in entrancing solid colors, smart flaring trunks and halter…

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1930s Eye Makeup Tricks

Madeleine Carroll’s Eye Beauty – by Carolyn Van Wyck Though the natural eye makeup look is the one to be desired, the liveliest eyes can be made lovelier by a little clever make-up – and still look natural. If you follow Madeleine Carroll‘s routine of application, you can’t go wrong. At night you will probably want to use metallic eye…

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Dressing Carole Lombard by Travis Banton

Inside Story of a Hollywood Costume Designer – Part Two of the Inside Story from the great Hollywood costume designer Travis Banton and how he helped some of Tinseltown’s’ most glamorous women find their style, and more so, influence fashion trends across the globe.  In 1936, Travis Banton revealed to the movie going public some of the trials, tribulations and triumphs…

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1930s Fashion – Summer Styles Hollywood 1931

1930s Movie Style Inspiration – Perhaps you have been doing it for years – perhaps it is a new thought. But don’t you find that animated fashion tips from the screen put a new zest into your shopping routine? There is something about seeing a costume in action that dramatizes the details. You want so badly to wear that frock,…

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1940s Military Fashion – The Marine Corps

The United States Marine Corps Women’s Reserve- Glamourdaze continues its examination of uniforms worn by women serving in the American forces – in this case the Marine Corps Women’s Reserve or USMCWR . Similar to the men, but with lighter cloth, the Winter uniform of the MCWR consisted of forest green jacket, six gore skirt and long sleeve khaki skirt,…

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