The Flappers of La Vie Parisienne


The Art of Georges Léonnec 1920 – 1929 – Hollywood actress Mae West was most probably a fan of La Vie Parisienne. Her Art Nouveau inspired makeup, hairstyle and curves set her apart from her contemporary’s. She shamelessly echoed the Paris era of the pre 1920s. The risque magazine La Vie Parisienne best epitomized the …

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Birth of Art Deco Fashion – Cartoonist Leonetto Gappiello


 Booklet of cartoons of leading French actresses in 1900 – Leonetto Gappiello from Italy and based in Paris is considered to be the father of the 20th Century Art Deco Poster. He succeeded lithographers like Toulouse-Lautrec, Jules Cheret, and Alphonse Mucha to become the leading advertising poster designer in 1900’s Paris. His technnique moved away …

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Robes et Femmes – 1913 Satirical Fashion Book


Art Nouveau  Fashion Illustrator Enrico Sacchetti –   Thanks to the Smithsonian digital archivists for uploading and preserving this delightful hand stencilled or “pochoir” Art Nouveau book of fashion illustrations by the little known Roman cartoonist Enrico Sacchetti. Remembered more for his sarcastic cartoon depictions of World War One, what makes this book unique in …

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Cannes – The French Summer Fashion Capital in 1920s

‘Modes of the Moment’ Fashion Report -March 1923- 1920s Fashion Report – Designs by Edward Molyneux, Beer, Jacques Doucet, Premet, Georges Doeuillet and Jenny. La Garconne look reigns supreme. “PARISIAN dressmakers are to be pitied! The foreign buyers tell them that they are short of ‘new’ ideas, and that they have been playing with …

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Art-Goût-Beauté – Stunning 1920s fashion magazine online!


The full color Pochoir 1920s Parisian fashion magazine – Read or download Art-Gout-Beaute at – courtesy of the California State Library. “I think it is the most beautiful magazine I have ever seen,” said Gary Kurutz, the State Library’s head of Special Collections. ” Art-Gout-Beaute: Feuillets de L’Elegance Feminine” meaning Art – Good Taste …

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