Vintage accessories to try this 2024 summer vacation

Vintage accessories to try this summer: from granny sunglasses to Victorian boots to classic Bellagio suitcases for your vacation.

Choice Pick of Vintage Accessories

Summer has arrived! It’s the season of relishing mangoes, getting tanned on a sea beach, and seemingly infinite days of joy & laughter. Before heading to the sea beach for a mesmerizing sunset, there’s something you do. Pack some some cool vintage accessories for those holiday photos.

If you ever have felt like your summer closet requires a boost to feel more energized and sassy, the most affordable way to bring new life into your closet this summer is with accessories. Therefore, from choosing the quintessential beach accessories to corroborating you’re packed with the latest designs in summer fads, this article will show you some trending accessories to try this summer vacation.  So, let’s get started!

    Granny sunglasses

    granny sunglasses
    Granny sunglasses – Image © Deposit Photos

    What are these granny spectacles that everyone in the fashion business seems to be complimenting so much? These sunglasses are essentially enormous, vintage-styled eyewear in an assortment of shades and materials, such as tortoiseshell frames.

    The key to a vintage fashion’s resurgence is how you customize it, unlike that initial trend, which called for round, gold-rimmed sunglasses. Therefore, choosing an unconventional color like ruby red or lilac, or subdued brown or maroon would look great on an increasingly sober fashion backdrop. Alternatively, you may think of an enormous pair in a rectangular, face-framing shape for extra elegance.

    Trunk-inspired suitcase

    trunk style suitcases
    vintage trunk style suitcases. Image © Deposit Photos

      The elegant steamer trunks of the early nineteenth century are nothing like the “luggage” of nowadays. It sounds foolish now to lug around an expensive vessel, but travel was lengthy in the past. These days, everything revolves around hopping through TSA queues and visiting as many attractions as possible.

      A contemporary line of bags themed by trunks has been developed by the luggage business Bellagio. These bags pay tribute to an additional elegant era of travel with their trunk-inspired leather detailing and four-wheel rolling elements, all while being extremely portable.

        Hoop Earrings

        Selena Gomez wearing hoop earrings
        Selena Gomez wears hoop earrings. © Deposit Photos

          There’s no denying that every girl deserves a reliable assortment of hoop earrings. Furthermore, similar to what was previously mentioned, hoops were practically always trendy. Nevertheless, the vintage hoop trend has witnessed the dimensions of traditional jewelry increase with the addition of various unusual structures, concepts, and ornamentation.

          Fortunately for us, there are a lot of options available for this vintage style statement when it comes to choosing what to put on and what to match them with. So, this season, go for the ultra feminine with some darling hoop earrings.

          Victorian boots

          Victorian boots are the ideal footwear for any vacation – even for those cooler summer evenings. They lend sophistication to any ensemble. These slightly heeled footwear, which typically fall between the bottom of the foot and the mid-calf, provide a chic little elevation.

          With their lace-up design, luxurious leather details, and pointy toes, these boots go well with both skinny trousers. shorts or a sophisticated dress.

          Do any of these aforementioned vintage accessories grab your attention? Although each is a staple for summer vacation, let us know which is your absolute favorite in the comment section!   

          Now you’ve kitted out your wardrobe with some chic accessories, why not consider visiting the western shores of the Caribbean. Nothing screams summer more loudly than some cool reggae music on warm balmy evenings.

          That’s all ! © Glamourdaze

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