Vintage Jewelry Style Trends that are back in 2024

2024 is no different to previous years. Fashionistas adore vintage jewelry style. From Art Deco compacts to signet rings, each jewelry piece carries a unique history and story.  Glamourdaze takes a peek at some classic and iconic jewellery pieces which never go out of style.

edwardian lady wearing an initial necklace

Iconic Vintage Jewelry for your Wardrobe

Vintage up your wardrobe by finding iconic styles to match your clothes. There are oodles of shops and markets where you can pick up some amazing finds. Look for charm bracelets, either complete or whole. ( Fun Fact: the playing pieces of the board game Monopoly came from a charm bracelet!) A vintage pearl necklace is always a must have for any woman who wishes to look elegant.

Pearl Jewelry

afro American woman wearing a turtleneck and pearls

Pearls have adorned necks for millennia. In Egypt, decorative mother-of-pearl was used going back as far 4200 B.C. Freshwater pearls were the preferred gift for Chinese royalty from China’s Huai River.
With warming oceans and their increasing acidification, pearls are becoming more precious
than ever before.

Designers always look to accessorizing with vintage jewelry. Why not you? Pearls are always hard to resist. Contemporary style, no matter what the era loves a statement pearl bracelet, pearl adorned choker necklace, or pearl earrings.


Art-Deco Brooch

In the early 20th century, during the Art Deco period, brooches featured geometric shapes and bold designs that mirrored the architectural and artistic sentiments of the time. 1940s and 1950s saw brooches becoming larger and more ornate, often worn as centerpieces on evening wear.

The 1960s and 1970s introduced a more eclectic approach. It was the hippy age and brooch designs reflected this with designs featuring flowers or abstract forms. In effect celebrating the free-spirited and revolutionary fashion trend of the time.

Today, a brooch is a versatile accessory. Used in various ways—from traditional placements on lapels to more innovative uses like adorning hats and bags. Even as hair accessories, a brooch never fails to catch a discerning eye.

Initial Necklaces

Just like name necklaces, Initial necklaces are not new to the fashion world. The initial necklace was very in vogue during the Victorian and Edwardian era. Turn of the century 1900s era women often wore jewelry pieces adorned with initials and monograms. Initials in the Victorian era often incorporated Filigree work.( fine wire detail of copper, silver and gold.)

an Art Deco initial necklace

During the Edwardian era, Initial necklaces featured intricate lace inspired motifs, bows, and garlands. The Art Deco period in the 1920s, saw more geometric designs. Angular was the roaring 20s fad for initial necklaces.

Fast forward to 2024, initial necklaces are often understated. Now they define the wearer’s personality and holds personal significance. You can customize any accessory with an initial including bracelets, rings, necklaces, and earrings.

Art Deco Vintage Jewelry

Art Deco jewellery, in the 1920s and 1930s, epitomized the era’s love affair with modernity and elegance. Characterized by its geometric shapes, clean lines, and a preference for symmetry, this modernist style drew heavily on the fast-evolving industrial world.

Art Deco jewellery wasn’t just about adornment. It was also about making a bold statement.
Women no longer hid from view. As with the rising hems of skirts, women wore oodles of necklaces, tiaras, brooches galore.

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