An Easy 1920s Makeup Look Tutorial For Flappers

An easy roaring 1920s makeup look for flappers to try. The cupid’s bow lips, thin, straight or arched brows and rouged cheeks. Tutorial by Irina @RetroFrog on YouTube.

1920s Makeup Look
An easy 1920s makeup look for the flapper in you. ©Retrofrog / Glamourdaze

How to Create the Perfect Roaring 20s Flapper Face

Cupids bow lips, shimmer eyeshadow, dramatic kohl eyeliner, and blush makeup.

Time needed: 30 minutes

How to do an Easy 1920s Makeup Look for Flappers

  1. Foundation

    A 1920s face is porcelain, smooth and very even-toned. Apply a dense layer of foundation and concealer in pale shades.
    foundation and concealer - 1920s flapper makeup

  2. Brows

    Women in the 1920s had arched eyebrows. Use a dark brown pencil to draw a thin arched line tending downward at the outer corner of the eye.Brows - 1920s makeup look

  3. Eyeliner

    Use the same dark brown pencil to draw a line on your top and bottom lash lines. Blend the eyeliner with a brush or finger for a soft smoky look.Eyeliner for flappers

  4. Eyeshadows

    Green shimmer eyeshadows all over the eyelid and gray-brown shadows in the crease of the eyelid blended almost to the eyebrows.Shimmer eyeshadow - 1920s makeup

  5. Mascara

    Apply two layers of black mascara on top and bottom lashes.Mascara

  6. Blush

    More blush! 2 or 3 layers of creamy rose-red blush on the center of cheeks.Rosy Blush - 1920s makeup

  7. Cupids Bow Lips

    Matte dark red lipstick and always heart shaped lips (the 1920s mouth was named the “cupid’s bow”).Cupids bow lips

  8. Final 1920s makeup Look

    A bobbed hairdo do finish the 1920s makeup look1920s makeup look for flappers

Cosmetics used for this 1920s makeup tutorial

  • Bodyography Pro Perfect Stick Foundation, Porcelain
  • Too Faced Multi-Use Sculpting Concealer, Cloud
  • NYX Eye Pencil, Dark Brown
  • Ciate London The Editor Palette, Aspen
  • Clarins My Black Mascara
  • Hourglass Vanish Blush stick, Revel
  • Nars Matte Lipstick, Immortal Red
Black and white portrait of a 1920s flapper look

Early 1920s Silent Film Vamp Makeup Look

Theda Bara, renowned for her captivating performances in movies such as “A Fool There Was” (1915), left an indelible mark on 1920s makeup trends. Her iconic heavily emphasized eyes and lips set the tone for the era. Dark, smoky eye makeup paired with intense, dramatic lips became synonymous with the silent screen vamp persona. Theda Bara epitomized the original archetype of Hollywood’s screen vamp, captivating audiences with her allure.

Mid to Late 1920s Flapper Makeup Looks

Retrofrog as a 1920s flapper

The Jazz Age witnessed the rise of flapper culture, sparking a revolution in fashion and beauty norms. Flappers defied conventional Victorian standards, embracing shorter hemlines, bobbed haircuts, and daring makeup. Screen icons like Clara Bow and Louise Brooks embodied the flapper aesthetic, showcasing dark, precisely shaped eyebrows, heavily lined eyes, and cupids bow shaped lips painted in bold shades of red or plum. These makeup styles exuded confidence, independence, and sensuality, mirroring the liberated ethos of the era.

Hollywood Makeup Innovations in the 1920s

Maybelline advert - 1920s Makeup Look for flappers

In the 1920s, makeup luminaries such as Max Factor established their beauty empires in Hollywood, revolutionizing cosmetic products and application techniques tailored for the silver screen. The makeup trends popularized by Hollywood vamps of the time endured beyond the decade, leaving an enduring impact on beauty standards. The glamorous and audacious aesthetic of the Roaring Twenties remains a timeless muse for contemporary makeup artists and enthusiasts alike.

That’s all ! © Glamourdaze

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