5 Pieces of Classic Jewelry Every Girl in Her 20s Should Have

5 classic jewelry items every girl in her 20s should invest in for a truly timeless vintage look.

5 classic jewelry items every girl should have

Building a jewelry collection in your twenties is just as essential as creating a smart wardrobe. With the numerous plastic or stainless steel pieces that we have on the market these days, investing in high-quality jewelry made of precious metals such as silver, gold, and platinum will help you create a collection of classy pieces that you can wear at any age and perhaps even give as an heirloom to your daughter. From elegant diamonds to statement pendants, here are the essential pieces of jewelry that are worth your money.

Diamond Stud Earrings 

Start your collection by getting a true classic: diamond stud earrings. Simple, comfortable to wear, and undeniably sophisticated, these beauties add a touch of sparkle and sophistication to any ensemble, whether you’re wearing them with a black and white outfit to the office or with a fancy cocktail dress to go out for a night in the town. Luckily, these days diamonds come in many forms and sizes, and lab-grown gems are not by any means worse or less resistant than natural ones, so you won’t have trouble choosing the right pair of earrings for yourself. 

Statement Pendant 

Whether you are dressing up for a special occasion or simply looking how to spice up your everyday attire, a pendant is a versatile and timeless accessory that never fails to make a statement. Celtic pendants are the perfect choice for those who want to create their collection, since they come in various sizes and styles, from delicate crosses that allow you to show off your religious beliefs in style and classy pearls to bold floral or animal designs. Take a look at Gaelsong’s collection of Celtic pendants and choose one that speaks to your soul the most to make it one of the go-to pieces in your jewelry box. 

Pearl Strand Necklace

What does your grandma, Audrey Hepburn, and Michelle Obama have in common? The answer is simple: the classic pearl strand necklace. Sophisticated, and endlessly chic, pearls are a must-have for any woman’s jewelry collection no matter her age. Moreover, once you start doing your research on what pearl necklace to get, you’ll find that they’re much more affordable than you thought. You can get real freshwater pearls even on Amazon! Choose a strand of lustrous, refined pearls and it is sure to make any outfit elegant.

Tennis Bracelet 

Your jewelry collection will not be complete without a versatile tennis bracelet. This bracelet has a line of numerous sparkling gems, usually diamonds, that are set in a precious metal. Despite its simple design, it will attract the eyes of anyone who looks over in your direction. You can wear it by itself with casual outfits or pair it with other pieces such as the stud earrings to create a more luxurious and eclectic look for when you’re going out for an evening.


Despite living in the age of smartwatches, nothing can even come close to the elegance of an ageless wristwatch. Choose a wristwatch that also has a thin leather band for a more feminine effect. The sleek and minimalist design will not only tell you the exact hour, but also help make even the most basic outfit look really chic. To ensure that your watch is as versatile as possible, opt for stainless steel, since it is the more budget-friendly alternative to gold or silver.

5 classic pieces of jewelry

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